Arguably the most cozy of all residential buildings, the cottage can now be the main attraction of your interior design. Photowall has put together a wonderful collection of cottages Read morewall murals that will make your rooms seem more open and welcoming. There is a healthy amount of variety not just in terms of aesthetic, but also location, colour and so many more. Cottages wall murals can really make the difference between ordinary and extraordinary. For city dwellers, cottages wall murals can be that welcome escape to rural life whenever they need it. For those who actually own cottages, it can be a wonderful reminder of time spent there, but also a motivator to visit as soon as possible. The different environments in cottages wall murals allow you to create an atmosphere of your choosing. Furthermore, your selected items can be adjusted to complement your existing interior design, colour schemes and so on.

Locations in cottages wall murals

As already alluded to, the diversity of places in cottages wall murals is what makes this category one of the most popular in Photowall's arsenal. You can choose from a wide palette of surroundings that will help you inundate it with the appropriate accessories, like furniture, plants, etc. Cottages wall murals are set in exciting environments like the Alps, for instance. Check out the majestic mountains in "Cabin in the Mountains", giving off a real rugged but calming vibe. With cottages wall murals like "Paradise Cottage" on the other hand, you have a brighter, more colourful energy. You can go from a tropical paradise like in "Bungalows in the Maldives" to the colder climates of "Cottages by the Sea in Äleklinta, Sweden". No matter which location you choose to highlight, you will definitely feel the visual weight and texture these cottages wall murals provide your selected interior. You can even go as far as decorating each room with a different location, making your domain a visual tour of the world through cottages wall murals.

Reality and fiction

Some of you might not know that a cottage is described as small homes which are built to look like old-fashioned homes and are generally located in rural or semi-rural areas. They are considered temporary residences because they come in the form of things such as lake houses, summer vacation homes and even winter vacation homes. You can see this in real life photography like "Lupin Cottage", a cottages wall mural that combines the aforementioned description but set in beautiful nature. Cottages wall murals also have works of art that give the imagery even more meaning and depth. Take a gander at the cottages wall mural "Old Sea Cottage", for instance. You will instantly feel a tinge of nostalgia, despite the place being "merely" drawn. The beautiful style of art and affable colours really work wonders, making this the ideal wall decoration for any space. Cottages wall murals like these can look as good in the living room at home as they can in the meeting room at the office. You can even combine the different looks in one room, depending on the subject. This is what the versatility of cottages wall murals enables someone looking to reinvigorate their interior design.

More cottages wall murals samples

Speaking of lighthouses, cottages wall murals have plenty of these fascinating structures in their lineup. "Lighthouse in Bornholm, Denmark" is another gorgeous example, where solitude and isolation become a luxury. The shining light in the home also provides a glimmer of warmth that is so essential the wall decoration of a domain. "Fishermans Cabins" is another amazing sight, a cottages wall mural that perfectly captures the beauty of a winter landscape. Imagine coming home to this on a daily basis, being able to enjoy the beauty of a magical landscape by a body of water. Cottages wall murals like this can immediately change the look and feel of any type of interior. For those who want more warmth and sunshine in their interior design, check out pieces like "Flowery Morning" and "Lofty Perch Sequel". These images emanate a vibrancy and good feeling that inspire you day in, day out.
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