One of the most beautiful types of buildings can now become the main attraction in your interior design. From romantic ruins to royal residences, castles wall murals by Photowall can Read morebring the best of historical architecture into your space. Prepare yourself for some visual drama and stunning beauty with these motifs. Castles wall murals can add so much charm and character to an interior. The most famous of these structures are represented in this category. No matter what season or what kind of landscape, we have it here in castles wall murals. There is a reason why these beautiful relics have survived through the centuries because they embody the spirit of humanity. These strongholds in castles wall murals had to be both durable and easy on the eyes because they were an escape for royalty and aristocrats. We are now reaping the benefits with an assortment that is just oozing with beauty and class. Castles wall murals can change the entire look of your interiors in an instant.

Explaining the difference

Some people use the terms castle and palace interchangeably, which they are not. The basic definition of castle is that it is a are large fortified residence built of strong stone for defense purposes, while a palace is simply designed to show off their owner’s wealth without any particular defensive architectural details. It is up to you which items you categorize into these two terms when looking at castles wall murals. Back in the day, castles usually had moats, peep-holes and cannons, whereas palaces had beautiful gardens and fancy rooms filled with priceless artworks. Nowadays though, castles have been re-purposed with such gardens and rooms to make them more appealing to tourism. You will see some of these aspects in castles wall murals. "Avenue in front of Kammer Castle" and "Lost in the Light" are just some examples of this.

A fairy tale in castles wall murals

As previously mentioned, this category contains many famous castles, one of which is arguably the most famous in Europe. Schloss Neuschwanstein literally translates to "New Swan Stone castle", but was originally called New Hohenschwangau Castle. Interestingly, its modern name acquired until after its "creator" Ludwig II died. As you might be able to tell from castles wall murals, this structure is rumored to be real-life inspiration for the one featured in the Disney classic "Cinderella". With its white limestone exterior and deep blue turrets you cannot deny that the resemblance is remarkable. It is hard to blame Walt Disney because it is a stunning building that has stood the test of time and reminds us of so many things. Castles wall murals can have that same impact in your residential, recreational or even corporate spaces. We have even paid a little tribute to the Disney connection in the form of our castles wall mural aptly named "Neuschwanstein Disney Castle". If you want something more fantastic but mixed with a little realism, perhaps the item titled "Fairy Tale Castle" is the right for you.

More castles wall murals

There are so many options in castles wall murals, you can literally decorate any kind of interior with them. If you are looking a great focal point to have at home, look no further than pieces like "Golden Autumn Evening". This sweeping vista will make the room seem bigger, enhance depth and provide great texture. As these images are all affable and child-friendly, castles wall murals like "Magnificant Castle" can make the perfect gift for a kid. They will be delighted to show off their new wall decoration to their friends and classmates. For the art aficionados, there are classics such as "Water Castle - Gustav Klimt". This beautiful castles wall mural by the famous Austrian symbolist painter can really give your interiors that classy and sophisticated look you crave. If you are inclined to the slightly more dramatic, check out "Schloss Lichtenstein. A beautiful black and white artwork can look as good in the foyer at home as it can in the break room at the office.
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