Building Materials

A wallpaper that is inspired by the the mysteriousness of places abandoned by their former owners, or something that is oozing with manliness. We rarely see metals, abandoned working Read morerooms, factory buildings, or rusty vaults when it comes to wallpapers. Worry no more because Photowall offers you great wallpaper choices. Building materials and building places or facilities may be an unusual one for some, but it is undeniably one of the best motifs when placed correctly on your room’s walls.

Movie - like inspired wall murals

Most people nowadays are really into movies. Movies, action and thriller movies specifically, often have places which are abandoned, rugged, and rusty. It adds a more mysterious vibe to the place and make the viewers feel the intensity of the scene more. A wall mural fitted for someone who loves mystery-type themes. Building materials and building places or facilities murals are perfect for you! You might want to add an abandoned boiler room mural on your bedroom walls, not only it makes your room look bigger, it also sets the perfect vibe when partnered with dim lightings just as when you are about to sleep. They are definitely eye-catching, these murals would definitely bring your visitors’ inner Sherlock. You might also want to try this underground control room themed mural which gives off a strong Marvel’s X-Men vibes. It’s also perfect for a bedroom. Imagine going into your bedroom and feel like entering the underground control room with Professor X. Wouldn’t it be a cool theme for your bedroom walls? Being adventurous when it comes to trying new themes isn’t bad at all, don’t you agree? You may also choose something as mysterious as broken factory windows for you bedroom walls. It adds an illusion that there is another place on the other side of your walls which makes your room look bigger. Another choice for you is a broken glass window perfect for your living room, bedroom, and dining room, you choose! The reflection of some breathtaking views may be an option for your personality. Sunset in the forest or the view of the Brooklyn bridge may be the perfect fit for you. The broken glass windows adds a more stylish and mysterious effect making it look like the views are just a sight away from your room.

Wall murals with classy and manly vibes

If you want a more classy or manly type of building materials and building places or facilities theme, Photowall also has some for you! You might want to try something showing how beautiful the clouds are. This mirror-like building that reflects the appealing cumulus clouds would make your bedroom or living room look fantastic and mesmerizing. If you like something darker, then the Pasupati bridge is the one for you. This would look fantastic on your bedroom walls making it look like you are sleeping in the middle of the bridge. Another choice is the reflection of these skyscrapers in a building, giving it a puzzly feeling that’s also perfect for your living room. These just adds a more classy vibes on your room. You may also try our metal themed murals to give your room a manly feel. These lifts surrounded by these metal walls is a good partner for your living room. This vault and modern hallway might also be your type if you want to add an illusion that there is another path leading somewhere on the other side of your bedroom or living room walls.
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