If you want to add an artistic element and combine it with the beauty of the outdoors in your interior design, then this is the category for you. Photowall's footbridges wall murals sRead morehines the light on a structure that not only connects different communities, but also provides an ease of access for the disabled or immobile, as well as making sure that crossing over railroads, traffic and bodies of water is done safely. Footbridges wall murals have so many different designs, locations and colour combinations that you will be able to have your pick from the litter. Your residential, recreational and even corporate interior will benefit hugely from the texture, charm and energy these items provide. Allow footbridges wall murals to change the overall look of your selected room in an instant. Not only will you have a beautiful addition to your wall decoration, but as we go through the various sections of this category, you will gain more knowledge and insight which you then can share with people who will admire your footbridges wall murals.

A little bit of history

As the name implies, footbridges are not designed for vehicular traffic but mainly for pedestrians, cyclists, and even animals. The structures you see in footbridges wall murals come from the first ever bridges that were built in history, which are also known as pedestrian bridges. The original ones were, of course, made of wood. It was in ancient Rome when they first started making stone bridges over the Tiber River in around 2nd century BC. Did you know that some these ancient stone footbridges with arches still stand today? This is something amazing to impart on family and friends when they see your unique footbridges wall murals. Nowadays, footbridges can be made of so many different materials like rope, metal and concrete. Famous footbridges like the one you see in "Brooklyn Bridge Walkway" are remnants of this coloured past. See to which denomination your selected footbridges wall murals belong to.

Footbridges wall murals and the subject's types

The three main types of footbridges are the Truss Bridge, Beam or Stringer Bridge and the Suspension Bridge. The truss bridge can range from 10-60 meters and can be built in practically any type of landscape. This is perhaps the one you will see the most in Photowall's selection of footbridges wall murals. The beam or stringer bridge is the go-to option for something that is less than 9 meters since it typically has no railings or handrails, which are not an absolute necessity. "Footbridge into Vancouver Island" is a footbridges wall mural that shows this perfectly, in the middle of beautiful, natural scenery. You have probably crossed a suspension bridge or two in your lifetime, and are arguably the most difficult to pull off in terms of construction. This is because they are often built in challenging environments and need years of careful planning and designing. Footbridges wall murals such as "Path to Infinity" show exactly why this kind of bridge is a sight to behold.

Some samples

As we previously mentioned, there are many interesting locations in footbridges wall murals. One of the most famous though is the capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam. Did you know that this city boasts over 165 canals, about 15 more than Venice? "Romantic Bridge Over Canal in Amsterdam" features one of these footbridges in stunning fashion, giving it that nostalgic vibe with the sepia hues and tones. There are a multitude of footbridges wall murals that showcase the spotlight on these structure, like "Bridge in Amsterdam", which can be the ideal decoration tool in a living room or even bedroom with its revitalizing rays of sunshine. If you want something even more exotic, check out pieces such as "Beach Boardwalk" or "Wooden Bridge Park" for some truly unique sights. Footbridges wall murals such as these can bring a very special vibe and ambiance to your interiors. There are also works of art that give your wall decoration that extra kick. You can find the artistry in footbridges wall murals such as "Bridge to Paradise" and "Waterlily Pond Green Harmony", for instance.
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