Temples are not just holy places of worship, they also showcase some of the best examples of human architecture throughout history. The amount of work and patience allotted to making Read moreeven one single temple could take decades. Not only do the form and structure of these edifices come into consideration, but other factors such as the play of light, the acoustics, and the cultural and religious symbolism of its lines come into play as well. Even the type of stone used in its construction is reflective of the region of the world it is situated in. Photowall gives homage to these truly phenomenal man-made structures with its own collection of temples wall murals. These singular images of temples wall murals representing some of the best temples in the world are nothing less than visual gems that can add reverence and grandeur to the halls and rooms of your abode. Evoke the majesty of these wonderful edifices with these amazing temples wall murals. These temples wall murals come in a wide array of designs and colors for the budding architectural connoisseur to choose from. These temples wall murals in your home are a surefire hit with the more sophisticated, globe-trotting set among your acquaintances.

Prolific in temples wall murals

In ancient times, and even during the Renaissance, a builder needed to be commissioned by a high-ranking member of the religion’s leadership, such as an Imam or a Supreme Monk, to be able to build a temple. The kings and queens of the period had to approve its commission, and numerous other political personalities had to sign off on it. Needless to say, the building of a temple was not a small undertaking. In a time when God, whomever they held him to be, and the state were not yet separated, the ramifications of being commissioned to build a structure of this magnitude lay heavily on the shoulders of the builder indeed. Photowall salutes some of the most momentous ever built with “Buddhist Temple”, “Tempel in Misty Mountains”, and “Dawn at the Golden Temple” in its magnificent collection of temples wall murals. These images in temples wall murals of the grand temples in China and Thailand are a reminder of the meticulous work and fine artistry employed in creating these structures. These amazing temples wall murals would look good displayed in your mini-library or your private study. These temples wall murals give a sense of pomp and circumstance to your quiet living spaces. Let your eyes gaze upon these temples wall murals and feel your cares fall away.

Structured in temples wall murals

Several of the most noteworthy temples in the world hold within them some of the greatest works of art the world has ever seen. A perfect example of this is the Catholic Temple called the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican which showcases the immortal frescoes of the great Michelangelo himself. The Duke of Milan and the Pope himself commissioned the great Italian artist to paint these breathtaking frescoes on the roof of this magnificent Catholic temple. Photowall lets you admire this wonderful heritage with “The Palenque Mayan Ruins, Mexico”, “Kind of Symmetry”, and “A Place for Meditation” in its remarkable collection of temples wall murals. The first to be mentioned is the ruins of an ancient Mayan temple in the heart of Mexico, dedicated to the worship of the sun. it is widely believed that human sacrifices also took place in this infamous and notorious temple. Gather your children around you for a lesson in the early days of human worship while surrounded by these magnificent temples wall murals.

Designed and structured

The artful lines of a temple’s structure represent some of the most sturdy and structurally sound methods of building in all of architecture. The concept of the keystone in arches was conceived because of the construction of Roman Catholic temples. So is the knave, which is the horizontal floorplan of a church, which is in the shape of a cross. Photowall lets you enjoy these wonderful architectural wonders with “Cleansing of the Temple-Gian Paolo Panini”, “Temple at the Mountain”, and “Natural Beauty I” in its arresting collection of temples wall murals. The painstaking labor and years of planning it took to construct these magnificent structures are very much evident in these temples wall murals. Invite your friends over who are lovers of fine architecture to gaze upon and marvel at the one-of-a-kind temples wall murals. Make an afternoon of it as you recount your travels and adventures to the regions of the world where these fine temples are situated. There will never be a dull or boring moment in your home with these powerful temples wall murals adorning your walls. Position these temples wall murals strategically in your living room or in your personal den in your lounging area to add a historic and artful ambiance to your personal space.
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