Religious Symbols & Icons

Religious symbols and icons have been widely used in many different countries and in various organizations. They have been used to represent specific religion, or a specific concept wRead moreithin a given religion. From Christianity to Buddhism, Photowall has the wall mural that will not only represent your beliefs, but will also be a great decor for your interior.

Wall murals that will make you proud of your beliefs

If you are going to check on various interior design magazines or websites, you will be amazed to know that there are tons of ideas and inspirations that you can use for your your own home or space. If you are planning to give your home a makeover, the use of wall murals is one of the best things that you can do to achieve the look that you like. Photowall has a wide range of wall mural designs that will surely blend well to any design style that you have. If you are up to some uniqueness and innovation, you may find the right one for your space with Religious Symbols & Icons wall murals. Featuring the various symbols that represent the beliefs of different religions, these wall murals does not only show your faith but will also add life to any dull and plain looking walls. Religious Symbols & Icons wall murals are not just simple wall coverings. They also represent thousands of years of beliefs and practices. Christianity, for instance, had a colorful history and have been known to have taken the world like brush fire. Throughout the history, the religion is covered with symbolisms that have fascinated and captivated the attention and interests of a lot of people. Doves, for example, are just birds for some, but represents and symbolizes something far more amazing and mysterious. Yin and Yang also reminds us of Buddhism, but also represents balance. You can see that these wall mural designs may also add life to any space. Pick the right Religious Symbols & Icons wall murals and you will truly have a wonderful focal point in your bedroom, living room, or in your mini prayer room.

The world of religious symbols

Religious figures and images show a wide range of complex of symbols such as gods, saviours, redeemers, heroes, avatars, manifestations, saints, lawgivers, heroes, and others. Prophets, apostles, and evangelists written in the bible are also characterized by a very complicated system of symbols. Different religions have their own recognitions by the use of symbols. For example, the Yin and Yang symbol is bound by the circle of stability in Chinese universalism. Swastika in Hinduism and Jainism, the wheel of the law in Buddhism, the khandha in Sikhism, the star of David and the menorah in Judaism, and the different forms of cross in Christianity. Throughout the years, symbols have evolved and developed. There were also some revivals of the liturgical traditions and of ritual symbolism during the 20th century. Though, these were scrutinized and criticized repeatedly by experts, symbols and icons have become a great part of human culture, tradition, and history.
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