Islam is an Abrahamic religion with one god. It preaches that Muhammad is the messenger of God. There are 9.1 billion followers of this religion all over the world and they are calledRead more Muslims, and they comprise the majority of the population in 47 different countries. The name of god in the Islamic religion is Allah. Its main book of truth is called the Quran. The places of worship of all Muslims all over the world are called mosques. Photowall pays tribute to this reverent place of worship with its own collection of mosques wall murals. These mosques wall murals depict the magnificent mosques where this religion is practiced. Hang a few of these mosques wall murals in your living room to remind you of the diversity of faith that proliferates throughout the world. Teach your loved ones and guests that our differences must be a cause for celebration not conflict with these mosques wall murals. Let these mosques wall murals bring diversity and tolerance into the spaces of your home. Your family will thank you for the lessons that these mosques wall murals have imparted upon them. Not only do these mosques wall murals educate us on tolerance but would look really good in your living room as well. Let these mosques wall murals be a mainstay in your home.

Worshipful in mosques wall murals

The symbol above the spires of an Islamic mosque is the crescent moon. True Islam preaches mercy as well as compassion. It says that Allah is merciful, omnipotent, and unique, and reaches out to humanity through prophets, scriptures, and natural signs. The teachings of the prophet Muhammad called the Sunnah, are filled with all manner of accounts called the Hadith. Photowall gives you a taste of true belief with “Istanbul Mosque”, and “Al-Aqsa Mosque-Jerusalem” in its unique collection of mosques wall murals. These mosques wall murals showcase the beautiful places of worship where Muslims all over the world celebrate their faith. Hang a few of these mosques wall murals in your lounging den to bring peace and tranquility to the space. Sit in your favorite chaise lounge with a glass of iced tea and allow these mosques wall murals to soothe your senses and chase away the day’s cares. You may also wish to display these magnificent mosques wall murals in your private study or mini-library and imagine you are an erudite religious scholar, pondering the fundamentals of a faith different from yours.

Devout in mosques wall murals

Muslims consider the words of the Quran in Arabic to be the verbatim words of Allah himself. Islamic doctrine teaches a final reward in Paradise and a final punishment in hell. Islamic law, which is called the Sharia, governs every aspect of Muslim life, from banking and human welfare to the station of women in society and the environment. There are laws called the Five Pillars of Islam which are followed strictly by every devout Muslim. Photowall shares this wonderful faith with “Kind of Symmetry”, “Shapes”, and “Rome Great Mosque” in its remarkable collection of mosques wall murals. Hang these mosques wall murals atop your bed, in your sleeping quarters, and feel as though you are closing your eyes on one of the most celebrated religions in the world. Allow your dreams to be filled with the images of Muslim icons and symbols with these mosques wall murals above you. Your slumber will never be more relaxing and rejuvenating than with these mosques wall murals in your bedroom. You may also wish to display these mosques wall murals in your hallways to infuse the space with color and dynamism. Let the act of traversing from room to room be an exercise in diversity with these mosques wall murals.

Practiced and prominent

Mosques are not just holy places of worship, they also showcase some of the best examples of human architecture and creativity throughout history. The Islamic mosque is one of the most prominent and carefully constructed examples of any religious edifice. The amount of work and patience allotted to making even a single one of these mosques could take decades. Not only do the form and structure of these mosques come into consideration, but other factors such as the positioning, the availability of light, and the cultural and religious symbolism of its lines come into play as well. Even the type of materials used in its construction is reflective of the region of the world it is situated. Photowall gives homage to these truly phenomenal Islamic places of worship with “White Mosque” in its unique collection of mosques wall murals. This singular image in mosques wall murals of one of the best mosques in the world is nothing less than a visual gem that can add reverence and grandeur to the halls and rooms of your abode. Evoke the magnificence of these wonderful structures with these fine mosques wall murals.
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