Photowall's high-quality collection of arches wall murals equips you a stunning arsenal in decorating your chosen interior. Even though they are pretty much everywhere, we have a tendRead moreency to take them for granted, especially when living in the Western world, as one might say. Arches wall murals shift back the focus on this arguably single most important architectural innovation in human history. The Roman arch was the foundation of Rome's architectural mastery and massive expanse of building projects across the ancient world, some of which we can still see today in real life, as well as in this gorgeous array of arches wall murals. The arch allowed the Romans to make bigger buildings, longer roads and better aqueducts, thereby improving not just their way of life but also empowering them to new heights. One could say that the Roman arch is the ancestor of modern architecture and you can now have it in your interiors with arches wall murals. As per usual, your selected items can be altered to suit your existing design, colour schemes and so on.

Arches wall murals and history

We have already mentioned the Romans making the most out of arches, but you should know that it was first used in the Mediterranean world by those in Mesopotamia, Greece, Persia and of course, ancient Italy. While these cultures had the arch, they rarely used it except for underground tunnels and drainage systems, where the force of the earth around it provided natural reinforcement. "Crypt Scene" is a perfect example of an arches wall mural that illustrates this. While the Romans learned the arch from the Etruscans of Tuscany, they were also the ones who first learned and experimented in how to use arches in the construction of bridges, aqueducts and buildings. Arches wall murals are thus not just for the eyes, but also a remnant of human ingenuity and your personal appreciation of history. The imagery can make for a guaranteed conversation starter with anyone who visits your domain.

Around the world

The massive influence of the Romans can be felt throughout this collection of arches wall murals by Photowall. From the world-famous mausoleum in "Tajmahal" to the iconic scenery of "Sunset in Berlin", there is plenty for you to choose from. The universal beauty of arches can transport you to the exotic wonders of the East, as well as spellbind you with the architectural beauties of the West. Furthermore, you can even go to fictional places through works of art such as "Gralstempel - Paul von Joukowsky" or "Archway in an Enchanted Forest". You even have the luxury of creating a whole series of arches wall murals to display in your residential, recreational or even corporate space. Imagine the gasps of admiration your family and friends will let out when they see these impressive architectural wonders. Arches wall murals are the wall decor upgrade you have been searching for. See how they can change the entire appearance of a room in an instant.

The basics in arches wall murals

In its simplest form, an arch is an architectural form that controls the pressure from the weight of a building in a specific way. The arch directs pressure downwards and outwards, creating a strong passage underneath it that has the ability to support heavy structures, as you will notice in plenty of arches wall murals. The central feature of an arch is the so-called keystone, or the wedge-shaped stone at the very top of the arch. It is the last stone placed during construction, locking all the other stones of the arch into position. See if you can spot it in our various examples of arches wall murals. Even though the keystone bears almost no weight, it is the center of redirecting the weight of the structure down and outwards. A series of rounded arches side by side is called an arcade. In arches wall murals, you will find precedents of this in both real-life photography, as well as stunning works of art.
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