Sea Turtles

One of the most welcome sights in interior design is an element of nature, as well as being a healthy component for mental well-being. Add to that one of the cutest animals as subjectRead more, and you have yourself a wonderful space to call your own. With Photowall's sea turtles wall murals, you can bring the beauty of the underwater world and the charm of one of its most famous citizens into your domain. Dive into clear blue waters and be transported to the alluring world of this majestic animal. This range of sea turtles wall murals depicts in stunning detail how some of the most fascinating creatures to be found in the ocean. Over the years, young and old have been continually inspired by the calm elegance of these spectacular reptiles in their natural habitat. Explore the sumptuous motifs we have on offer and choose a beautiful sea turtles wall mural that will add give your rooms more beauty and depth. All of your selected sea turtles wall murals can be adjusted to match, or contrast, with your existing interior design, colour schemes and overall aesthetic.

Sea turtles wall murals for the youngest

Our selection of sea turtles wall murals is very affable and child-friendly. All of these motifs can be used in children's spaces, such as the bedroom, study area or play pens. The vibrant colours and the cute appearance of the subject will entice and intrigue the young ones. Sea turtles have always been very popular among kids, whether as pets or as cartoon characters. You can now delight and amuse your children with sea turtles wall murals. From the youngest to even the teenagers, they will surely appreciate these images. Sea turtles wall murals like "Turtle and Corals" might even inspire them to be more proactive in helping protect these beautiful creatures and the environment they are in. Sadly, many turtle species are endangered through loss of habitat and poaching. Sea turtles wall murals can be the catalyst for people to pay more attention to this and its related issues.

Plenty to choose from

Although most of us would probably lump in sea turtles into one category, there are actually seven recognized living species of these animals. When you think of a sea turtle, the traditional image that comes to mind is presumably that of the loggerhead. The largest of all hard-shelled turtles, this species is the most represented in sea turtles wall murals. They are named for their massive heads and strong jaws and are considered a "keystone species", meaning that other animals in its ecosystem depend on it for survival. Other species you might get a glimpse of in sea turtles wall murals are green turtles, leatherbacks and the hawksbill turtle. The leatherback is the champion of sea turtles because it grows the largest, dives the deepest, and travels the farthest of all sea turtles. You might know the green sea turtle from "Finding Nemo", which can make your sea turtles wall murals very popular among the kids.

Sea turtles wall murals background

Most people do not realize that sea turtles are reptiles, like snakes and lizards, and breathe air. They first evolved about 150 million years ago, making them survivors of the Age of Dinosaurs! You will not only have a beautiful wall decor in your interiors, but also a piece of earth's history with sea turtles wall murals. These gorgeous creatures can rest underwater without breathing for up to two hours. When seeking food, or evading predators, they need to surface for air more frequently. The average lifespan for a sea turtle is hard to nail down, given that they live for several decades and few research projects last that long. Current conventional wisdom suggests that they may live 80 to 100 years, though these figures are ballpark. With our high quality, your sea turtles wall murals can certainly also last that long.
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