Horses have been part of history since before recorded time, and they’ve obtained a status unlike any other animal. From Pegasus, the mythical winged horse of ancient Greece, to ComanRead moreche, the only survivor of General Custer’s doomed 7th cavalry at Little Big Horn, horses have been heroes, myths and companions throughout recorded history. They are the image of grace, power and beauty in many people’s minds. Bring a touch of that wild beauty into your home with wall murals from our horse-themed collection.

Speed. Grace. Power.

There’s nothing quite like a herd of horses galloping along, is there? A hundred years ago, the American plans were home to herds of mustangs hundreds strong, wandering free and setting the ground to shaking with their pounding hooves. The mustangs may be gone, but you can still bring that thunder home with a wall mural featuring horses, personifying grace as they run.

A trip to fantasyland

Pegasus was not the only mythical horse. A popular favourite even today is the unicorn, the horned horse featured in so many myths from so many different cultures that some think that they may have actually existed. Rumoured to be able to cleanse poisons and cure illness, the unicorn is a symbol of purity, of a lost, more innocent time. Brighten up your day-to-day life with wallpapers featuring these fabled creatures.

The epitome of art

Animators and artists alike agree that of all the subjects in the world, the horse is the most difficult to capture. The lines of the animal are deceptively simple, but get it even a millimetre wrong and the grace and power that is the essence of what we mean by the word ‘horse’ will be lost, never to return. Michelangelo, the greatest sculptor in history, is rumoured to have cried whenever he had to sculpt a horse. Why not decorate your home with a wallpaper featuring the most difficult-to-capture, yet among the loveliest, subjects in the world? Whether you are looking for a something like an oil painting, or whether you want a more modern piece, you are sure to find something among our range of horse-themed wallpapers.


For such powerful creatures, horses are surprisingly gentle, and there’s a sense of peace to a picture of a horse at rest that very little else offers. Soothe your senses with a wall mural of peaceful horses drinking at a lake, or of horses spending time with each other. These gentle giants will bring a touch of peace to any room.

The beauty of horses in your home

Of course, horses are not just magnificent animals. Homeowners have different reasons of decorating their homes with horses. In many cultures, horses represent freedom and power. The color of the beast also matters. For instance, white horse in Christianity is a symbol of death. In certain Native American tribes, horses represent power. As such, horses are often used as an emblem of war. In the mythological world, horses are also commonly seen. The Romans associate horses with Mars, the god of war and also seen pulling the chariot of the sun god, Helios. Horses were also considered to bring good luck and good fortune by the Celtic mythology. Whatever culture it is, horses symbolize wonderful things. The magnificent beast serve humans, but can never be fully tamed. These symbolisms are more often than not the reasons why homeowners use horses to decorate their homes. These days, horses are not only seen in figurines or paintings. They are also common subject in wall mural art. The Horses - themed wall mural collection of Photowall are amazingly beautiful as they make any room of your space look great and interesting.
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