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Styling the teenage room

by Photowall UK

Patience, compromise and creativity: These are oft-needed qualities when styling space for teens. But what happens when the teenagers get to choose? Our top tips for creating a teenage room for a great teen are for both with and without the teen’s help.

Spring Sunshine: Scandinavian design – the Scandi Way

by Photowall UK

As we gently roll into the brighter days of spring, the winter echoes of hygge become fainter. Instead, the Swedish term “lagom” lingers on the lips of bloggers and throughout the online design community, shifting focus towards finding the perfect balance in Scandinavian interior design – not too much, not too little.

A new kids’ room for a new school year

by Photowall UK

And then it happens! It’s time to start school. New routines, new friends – and maybe new interests. What better time is there to spend time with the kids renewing their room?

How to get your home Autumn-ready

by Photowall UK

As seasonal changes set in, welcoming chillier nights cuddled up on the sofa seem like a world away from the summer highs we’re now experiencing. But even if we’re in the midst of a sunny spell, there are still small steps you can take to create an autumn-ready feeling in your home. From stripped-back textiles to autumnal wallpaper, here we explore how to transition from summer liveliness to autumn cosiness.

Guest Room Glam: Get the Look

by Photowall UK

Often one of the more overlooked spaces interiors, the guest room is frequently the most underused room in the home. But when family-centric dates in the calendar such as Christmas pop up, we find these forgotten rooms suddenly become one of our most important spaces.

Frame Of Mind - new wallpaper collection by Lemon

by Photowall UK

Photowall and South African design studio Lemon are proud to present Frame of Mind – a wallpaper collection focusing on people’s varying styles, moods and emotions. It brings together subtle watercolours, textile structures and highly detailed hand-painted patterns.

Affordable Accessorising: Small Things That Make a Big Impact

by Photowall UK

Whether you’re planning on perking up your colour palette, or introducing a feature wall to your living room, there are a number of ways you can add elegance to your home with simple shots of detail. Since the resurgence of restored furniture and decorative interior pieces, recreating interior sophistication without blowing your budget has never been simpler.Here we explore how to switch up your interior style utilising affordable accessories to give your home an interior edge.

How to reimagine the forgotten corners of your home

by Photowall UK

Beautifying a corner space can be a tricky situation, and making the right choice in the relation to the rest of your room can often showcase interior anomalies. Simple decorative additions and minimal details can create a captivating corner makeover, but choosing what to do in the corner of your room really depends on the layout and interior theme. There are times when a space looks perfectly balanced without the inclusion of any kind of corner details, while other homes benefit hugely from a corner update.

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