Extend the summertime

Don't we all want to have more sunny days and warm evenings? The long previous winter has since been forgotten and, instead of thinking about the approaching autumn, we are enjoying the late summer weather and continuing to socialize, take excursions and perhaps the occasional refreshing dip in the sea and lakes. Swedish summer quite simply at its best! And it is right now that we are creating the memories which we want to keep with us. For a long time. Don't forget to immortalize them - through wall murals, prints and posters, that can provide brightness and warmth well into the autumn.

Swanlake - Jonna Jinton

Prints & posters create unique walls, full of summer memories & posters 

Let the plain white wall at home be transformed and experience the summer's finest moments over and over again through an immortalized vacation memory. To really recreate the feeling, a photo wall is a nice, smart solution. Choose some of your favorite photos, vary the sizes and select if you want prints or posters - or both! Quickly and easily, you now have an inspiring and completely unique wall that also allows you to relive your summer every day. 

Bantayan Sunrise II - Great Light

Wall mural - bring your best summer moment to life

Did you manage to capture that absolutely perfect moment in the photo? Congratulations! Now, give it the space it deserves with a wall mural. Imagine a whole wall that evokes emotions and memories. There is hardly a better way to make summer last longer! 

Golden Ray - Isabella Ståhl

A high-resolution image is all that is needed

It's easy to create your own wallpaper, print or poster. See the wall as an empty surface where you can make room for something unique and personal. Select one or more of your favorite summer photos (yes, we know, it can difficult to choose just a few) and upload them using our photo tool. Most formats work (jpg, tif, eps or pdf), as long as the image is high-resolution. Enter the desired dimensions, crop the image and select the material. Done! If you are unsure whether the image is high-resolution enough, you can select personal help after you have uploaded it and we will review it free of charge before you place your order. 

Psst! For those of you who do not live the summer life through the camera lens, there are lots of wonderful motifs in our wide range of wallpapers, paintings and posters. We are among the many who long to be able to travel again - why not enjoy your favorite destination at home while you are waiting? Check out our Staycation collection for lots of inspiring travel nostalgia!

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