Trend Report Autumn/Winter 2023

Step into the captivating world of 2023's Autumn Trends. From tranquil waterscapes to playful expressions, opulent grandeur, and cosmic mysticism, each trend breathes life into your living spaces. Within this guide, discover our curated wallpaper collections, inspired by this year's prevailing influences. Immerse yourself in a rich tapestry of colours, patterns, and atmospheres that transform your home into a canvas of boundless creativity and soulful expression.

Digital Expression

Elevation Landscape - Indigo by PWP

Venture into the heart of the future this autumn, guided by a trend that captures the pulse of one of 2023's most influential current. This movement effortlessly melds technology and design, introducing sleek metallics, futuristic blues, and digital-inspired hues that ignite creativity. Curiosity and excitement blur the boundaries between art, technology, and the physical realm, inviting exploration. Within this visual odyssey, mystical realms and hidden wisdom intertwine seamlessly with the digital landscape, illuminating an enigmatic fusion. This trend beckons you to embrace the unknown, embody limitless possibilities, and pioneer the future of design.

Maximalist Marvel

Nymph Dance by Rachel Pansky

Get ready to be captivated by the explosion of patterns and colours in another one of our favorite trends. It's a celebration of the bold, daring, and extravagant. Every room becomes a canvas where patterns dance harmoniously, and vibrant accent colours create a symphony of visual delight. It's a feast for the eyes that screams self-expression without limits. This trend ignites a fire of extraordinary and audacious creativity, where patterns collide in a harmonious chaos, infusing spaces with a dynamic and lively atmosphere that's hard to resist.


"Embrace the unconventional and unlock the extraordinary."


Nostalgic Modernism

Femme Fatal - White Smoke by PWP

In this season, nostalgia makes a trending appearance, where it is all about embracing a seamless fusion of the past and the present. Vintage charm meets modern elegance, mixing textures, patterns, and colours in exciting ways. It's a timeless journey that connects memories and future possibilities, with a playful touch. This trend balances retro and modern style, an ambiance that feels both cozy and refreshingly new.


Serene Havens

Below the Surface II by Jonna Hallberg

Amidst the worldly chaos, we welcome in an oasis of tranquility, where serene spaces offer solace. Focusing on the essential, we redirect our energy towards core elements that bring balance. The palette embraces gentle whites, seagrass greens, and soothing blues, creating an ambiance of peaceful serenity. Through the harmonization of natural materials and minimalist decor, spaces are transformed into havens of ultimate calm and relaxation. This movement extends an open invitation to unwind, recharge, and find solace in the embrace of simplicity and the innate beauty of nature.


"Let go of the unnecessary and find inner peace in simplicity."


Discover our four curated collections of Autumn/Winter 2023 wallpapers, each artfully embodying its unique trend.



Captivating Tranquility

Dive into the serene tranquility of this trend, where the captivating essence of water shapes your living space into a sanctuary of calm. Immerse yourself in the essential elements inspired by the soothing nature of water, leading you toward a state of inner peace. Activate your "Do Not Disturb" mode and embrace a retreat into tranquility.

Palette: Sea Blue - Green - Coral - Beige

Photo Credits - Unsplash
Photo Credits - Unsplash

Soft apricot and lively seagrass intertwine, reminiscent of tranquil sunsets that infuse serenity into your surroundings. Earthy undertones reflect the majestic coastal cliffs, adding a touch of natural elegance. This curated collection captures the essence of serene waterscapes, providing a sense of solace and coziness that envelops your living space.

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Boundless Creativity

Where a playful atmosphere meets unconventional design and a touch of humor. This collection features a vibrant blend of textures, patterns, and colours, all combined in unexpected ways. Embracing the philosophy of "More is More," this trend revels in the exuberance of creative abundance. From innovative materials to whimsical placements, these wallpapers embody the spirit of fun and creativity. Just as games and puzzles offer a break from everyday routines, these designs invite you to disconnect and enjoy a moment of playfulness.

Palette: Popping Orange - Green - Yellow - Blue - Pink

Photo Credits - Unsplash

Much like the trend's influence on interior design, this wallpaper collection encourages you to dare colours and scales that make you happy. Blend vintage and modern elements, use bold colourways, and let the intricate details shine. Every room becomes a canvas of optimism and energy, radiating a playful aura that brings joy to the entire space.

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Trend 3  |  Secret Chamber

Fascinating Attention

Step into a realm of grandeur and magnificence. Drawn from bygone eras and diverse cultures, this collection blends antique treasures with modern aesthetics. Craftsmanship, quality, and passion take center stage. A flamboyant style suited for those who embrace life with boundless passion, infusing every moment with theatrical presence. It's a visual feast for the eyes, with patterns and materials meticulously chosen, including exclusive stones adorned with dramatic elements for opulence.

Palette: Blood Red - Deep Blue - Grey - Antique Brown 

Photo Credits - Unsplash

Intricate patterns mingle with arches, mosaics, tiles, and sumptuous woven carpets. Damasks, geometric shapes, and flowers grace the design. Dare to live boldly and passionately, savoring the display of artistry. Envelop your space in this lavish trend that evokes a sense of timeless drama and alluring extravagance.

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Trend 4  |  Luminous Soul

Cosmic Voyage

Embark on a journey of connection and discovery. Immerse in a visual voyage blending mystery and the digital, guiding you through mystical landscapes and unveiling hidden insights. This trend merges luminescent souls with the digital world, featuring vibrant purples, metallic hues, and mystical symbols that intertwine seamlessly, including elements of tarot, astrology, and technology.

Palette: Lavender Purple - Metallic - Blue - Milky White - Pink

Photo Credits - Unsplash

Radiant purples and celestial symbols harmonize, forging an inspiring blend of mysticism and digital artistry. Embrace this collection to infuse cosmic wonders into your walls, adding a touch of awe-inspiring intrigue to your interior.

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