Pink canvas prints

Pink, that fantastic pale red shade that we associate with innocence, childhood, romance, charm, softness and renewal. Like many other red shades, pink is a colour that needs to asserRead moret itself and stick out. That’s why, in the 1960s, the colour was associated with extravagance and the desire for attention. Pink is one of the most misunderstood colours of our time. Some people have what they describe as an inexplicable love for it, while others hate it. Love or hate, but nothing in between – that’s the feeling you get when you talk to people. We at Photowall suspect many people have formed an opinion that pink only comes in one shade, hot pink, but that is far from the whole truth. Pink is so much more than one colour. Pink is an umbrella term for a whole world of fantastic nuances and shades.

So many nuances, so many pink canvas designs, so many possibilities

Pink has a personality all its own that some people find slippery. Many find it difficult to combine this light, generous colour with other colours. But really, it isn’t that complicated! There are so many different shades of pink, nuances that range from a soft, near beige to a nuance reminiscent of a strong, bold purple. With this abundance of nuances and shades, the applications for the colour are fascinatingly many, making it relatively easy to use. Mixing coppery shades with a smooth, soft pink is a brilliant idea, and we are finally starting to see more of this combination. A daring pink range of intensities and nuances combined with a bold black works very well. Introduce a little green, and you get a near-magic fusion. Our Orchidee - Black canvas print is a breathtaking example. The stark contrast of the black background and the pink orchid flower is fused by the muted, reserved and discreet green nuance of the orchid’s stalk and even by its timid buds, although they have not yet dared to grow and develop into a beautiful flower.

A colour that affects our mood

All colours and nuances affect our mood in one way or another, and how they influence us depends to a large degree on the colour’s intensity and hue. Pink and its classic nuances are strong enough to influence our moods very clearly, in a positive way. Pink has the power to make us peaceful and pleasant, so we spread less negativity around us. According to studies, pink makes some female weight lifters perform better than they otherwise would. This fabulous colour affects how some things taste, or rather, how our taste buds experience them. Pink is so strongly associated with sweets that cakes packaged in pink are experienced as tasting better than the ones boxed in brown. Using a pink colour to emphasize part or all of a space and make it more lively and playful is not as challenging as it may seem at first. If simple pink accents are preferred, then canvas prints are an excellent alternative. Here at Photowall, we have over 150 pink canvas motifs. If you are looking for a canvas print in pink shades and colours, you have no doubt come to the right place.
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