Blue canvas prints

The colour blue is unique in how it influences us in so many ways. Because blue is a primary colour, it can be a starting point for creating other colours. Blue and red together make Read morepurple, while blue and yellow make green. Blue is a popular choice for canvas prints, especially in combination with white accents.

Blue canvas prints create natural harmony

It can help to plan a little when choosing a blue canvas print. You can create a truly harmonious mood if you select lighter tones of blue. There are times when rich, deep colours create an intense effect, but they nearly always create a sense of harmony. People often prefer motifs that include the sea or the sky, because they are naturally blue and have a symbolic meaning. Photowall of course has a large selection of other motifs in dramatic shades of blue.

Backgrounds for blue canvas prints

Hanging blue canvas prints on a white wall is popular design choice that creates an interesting contrast. It’s very effectful, but there are other exciting alternatives to try too. Blue canvas prints work surprisingly well in combination with an accent wallpaper in natural wood tones, or with wooden panelling. Other ideal colours are greys, earth tones, and lighter shades of purple. It might be worth avoiding strong greens and reds when hanging a blue canvas print, as these combinations can easily be too loud. On the other hand, lighter shades of green are excellent together with blue canvas prints.

Decorating with blue canvas prints

One current trend in interior design is the rustic seashore look. The favoured colour palette combines white with shades of earth, wood, and sea. A blue canvas print with a picture of the sea will go perfectly with white walls and wood- and earth-toned details.

Photowall has a wide selection of blue canvas prints

At Photowall we have a wide range of attractive blue canvas prints. Blue canvas prints are always popular because they harmonise with many different styles of room. Our experience shows that using larger-sized blue canvas prints works best, as they have the greatest impact.
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