Multicoloured canvas prints

There are few things that enliven a home as easily as new colour combinations, and each new colour added to a room will increase its sense of personality. There are two words we at PhRead moreotowall can’t stress too much about decorating and the wonderful range of colours the world offers us, and they are “match” and “balance”. Too many competing colours and your room can appear chaotic and uncared for, and create a sense of unease or even stress. The second word, balance, is important for two reasons. The first is that a room really can have as many different unmatched colours as you like and it won’t become too much, as long as you create sufficient balance. Simply make sure that the loud colours that might otherwise take over aren’t allowed to – play up the subtler colours and give them a little more space, so they have a chance to balance the stronger tones.

Different rooms, different possibilities – set the tone with multicoloured canvas prints

When thinking about the size of a room, the most obvious measure is its area, usually the number of square metres. There’s nothing wrong with that, but there is another kind of size, which is how the room is felt and experienced. If it’s dark, or has poor lighting or a low ceiling, even a large room can seem much smaller than it really is, and a small room can seem much larger and more impressive if it is airy and well lit. These two factors are very important when deciding how to combine many different colours in a room. It also makes it very difficult to come up with firm rules about the best way to work with lots of colours in different room sizes. The best way to pick a colour scheme is to decide what you want to achieve with your room. What's your vision? What do you want to use the room for? If you want to breathe new life into a bedroom, don’t sit in the living room to read up on interior design – get comfortable in the bedroom instead. Feel the atmosphere and the light, and use the presence and personality of the room as your inspiration as you search for design ideas.

Multicoloured canvas prints – doing a lot with a little

Imagine you have just decorated your bedroom. The colours are quite well balanced, but you feel it still lacks that little extra. The challenge is putting your finger on what that little extra actually is. There’s a good chance that what’s missing is a touch of colour. There's no need to start remodelling a newly decorated room when multicoloured canvas prints can make such a huge difference. The abstract Grunge Color Explotion canvas print will give any room a subtle colour boost, and Colorful Graffiti is a wonderful touch for any teenager or fan of street art. Colorful World can give the dullest home office real pizzazz. A splash of colour makes everyone happier. Just find the one that suits you and your room best!
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