Beige Canvas Prints

Hang a beige canvas print on the wall – or why not hang several? We have collected our top canvas print tips so you can turn your home into a beige dream come true.Read more

Beige prints for every room

A beige home may sound boring, but the color beige does not necessarily have to be dull and boring when it comes to decor. It can actually be something wonderful. You can’t go wrong with hanging beige canvas prints in every room and matching them with beige furniture and beige decor. You probably already know that you don't have to avoid additional beige décor. Just because you have a beige sofa doesn't mean you can't also have a beige canvas print. Decorating in the same color scheme creates exciting layers of depth in your room. We recommend hanging a large canvas print above the sofa in a slightly darker shade than the beige color of the sofa. If there’s enough space on the wall, you can add more prints in the same color scheme or style. If you have a bright kitchen with wooden chairs – perhaps a wooden table and shelves in bright wood – then don't hesitate to hang beige prints or put beige canvas prints on picture ledges on a wall near the kitchen table. Hang the ledges just a few centimeters above the kitchen table. It will look best if the prints you place there all follow the same beige color scheme.

Beige with other colors

There is no rule that says you can't add another color besides beige on the wall when choosing canvas prints, even though we think that beige goes nicely with beige. Nevertheless, a burst of color can give your room some character, and you can totally run wild because beige is a neutral color that goes well with other colors. For example, if you are looking to create a whole gallery wall arrangement, try creating a mix that includes various motifs, canvas prints featuring graphic prints, and paintings in a slightly stronger color. If you want to avoid creating too great a contrast from the rest of your beige decor, go for subtle colors that seem to belong to the same color scheme such as light blue shades or light brown.

Beige canvas prints from our product range

You'll certainly need beige motifs to match your beige decor. Our range of beige canvas prints features motifs that evoke rustic vibes, Scandinavian design and nature. We have collected some of our favorites here. The close-to-nature style of the beige canvas print Morning Mist in Isar Valley by GI Collection is perfect if you like darker tones, motifs full of imagination and spaces that evoke a longing for nature. It works equally as well in the living room as in the bedroom and goes well with other beige motifs. The Sao Paulo motif allows you to feel the pulse of the city via your wall. You’ll love the beige buildings with the sun reflecting on the windows if photographic art and earthy colors are more your thing. The beige tones of the motif create a nice contrast when combined with Scandinavian interior decor. The time-worn beige corks of the Cork canvas print by Jorma Jämsén create a rustic look with a vintage feel. Pairing it with other beige motifs such as Limestone and Bookshelf will guarantee a close-to-nature and unique gallery wall arrangement with an added retro touch.
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