Green canvas prints

Green is a wonderful colour, found all around us in the natural world. The calming tones of grass, trees, rocks, minerals, exotic fruit, flowers and a fantastic range of other plants Read moreare just some examples of where we humans encounter this colour. For most of us, high summer in the grass or a meadow is a wonderful way to pass the time, whether we are dedicated fans of relaxation, or just a little over-stressed and looking for some holiday peace and quiet. Imagine lying there in the lush green grass on a perfect summer’s day, a fabulous great tree spreading over you, decked out in the greenest leaves you have seen all summer, giving you perfect shade yet still allowing through just the right amount of dappled sunlight. As you lie there under the tree, listening to the rustle of leaves in the summer breeze, you realise just how wonderful summer can be.

Calming colours with green canvas prints

Not everyone today understands that green is experienced as a harmonious, calming colour, but its effects have been appreciated throughout history. Thanks to archaeological digs, we now know that this stimulating colour has been used for clothing at least since the Stone Age. In Ancient Egypt, green was used to paint the interiors of royal tombs, and the Mesopotamians used it for patterns and paintings on their pottery. Today, the colour green is used everywhere, for clothing, furnishings and interior design. In TV and theatre, the behind-the-scenes room where performers and guests relax and prepare is called the ‘Green Room’. The walls were originally painted green because it had a calming effect and soothed the performers’ nerves.

Wisdom on a green canvas print

Like all colours, green is associated with a number of different things. Calm is one, renewal another, but green is also associated with what might look like the exact opposite – poison. Back in the nineteenth century many of the most poisonous pigments and paints were green – verdigris is one example – because they contained elements such as copper or arsenic.

Green canvas prints for every home

We at Photowall have more than 300 canvas prints with a green pattern, so whatever kind of person you are, you’re sure to find some to your taste. If the pastel mint green of rolling fields appeals, you’ll find Barley Heads restful, while if you prefer to find your calm in the big city, Brooklyn Bridge at Night Green is the perfect choice. Green canvas prints can make a huge difference to a room, and here at Photowall we have canvas prints perfect for every home.
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