Brown canvas prints

Strength and stability with brown canvas prints. Warm, brown earth colours suggest strength and stability. That’s perhaps why we feel closer to nature and find it easier to unwind aftRead moreer a hectic day if we surround ourselves with calming earth tones. The colour brown is said to have many positive characteristics – dependability, productivity, perseverance, simplicity, friendship, strength and fertility. All the same, for many years brown has been an underappreciated colour. It was thought dull and ordinary, despite its many lovely shades ranging from warm to cool and from light to dark.

Decorate with this year’s trend colour – a brown canvas print

Nothing stimulates the imagination more than beautifully evocative colours and patterns. Create a welcoming home by using earth tones. It’s easier than you think to be creative with this year’s trend colour. If your home already includes shades of brown, use them as your foundation colour, adding complementary colours such as powder pink and bright turquoise. Or you can add flashes of fashionable colours using details such as a picture, a rug, or some throws. Brass and copper work brilliantly with brown tones. Dig out granny’s brass candlesticks, get those old gilt picture frames up on the walls, or look for something like it at your local flea market. Add textiles with a variety of finishes, such as satin or velvet, and be generous with scatter cushions in a mix of shapes and colours to enhance the contrasts. Browns of all sorts work well in a bedroom as they exude warmth, calm and stability. Dark cocoa-brown velvet curtains will block the light effectively, and an inviting bed made up with pale brown linen sheets promises a good night's sleep.

Earth tones

Humans have been making natural pigments from the soil since prehistoric times. These clay pigments, coloured by iron oxide or hydroxide, are called earth colours. Some have names such as umber, terracotta, and ochre, after their tints of red, brown or yellow. In the nineties, people used to say “Brown is ugly”. Perhaps they were thinking of seventies’ wallpaper and interior design – those backgrounds in the family photos, full of big, flowery brown-and-yellow wallpapers. Today, though, that’s all forgotten, and rich brown cognac and chocolate tones are the height of fashion.

Photowall’s wide range of inspiring brown canvas prints

Our original canvas prints are beautiful decorative details that work well in any room. You can choose the shape and size of your canvas print yourself. We make the print to your specifications, with the picture printed on 100% cotton canvas. Brown will match any room in your home, embracing the whole family in its warmth. It's dependable, comforting and reassuring. We have everything from classical works of art and inspirational abstract patterns to sweeping landscapes for every taste. Whether you love minimal, modernist, or classical art, we have the right canvas prints for you. Choose from among John Bauer’s moody, mystical forests, or why not one of Jazzberry Blue’s stunning graphical City Maps. If you love old leather-bound books and think that overflowing bookshelves are the most beautiful thing ever, then we have the perfect canvas print for you: Bookshelf - Black - Brown Long. Imagine the delicious sepia tones of the twilight in a gorgeous, stylised birch forest – perhaps soon the fantastic Birch Grove Night Sepia will be enhancing your living room wall.
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