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Black-and-white canvas prints



Black-and-white canvas prints

Black-and-white canvas prints – a popular choice. Many people choose a colour scheme for their home that avoids loud colours, and the lighter shades or nuances of white they prefer arRead moree an excellent foundation for striking details in deeper tones, such as black-and-white canvas prints. It’s relatively easy to decorate using black and white as your base colours, but an understanding of the basics and a little planning will help you achieve the very best results.

Black-and-white canvas prints for contrast

When using black and white to build a colour scheme, it can help to think of them as complementary colours. Used intelligently, they can make a room even more comfortable and pleasant. Decorating with black and white is often key to an elegant, classical style, which can feel both modern and timeless. A popular choice is to either use shades of black or white for an accent wallpaper, or as the key colour when painting an accent wall. Stylish black-and-white canvas prints are an especially good match for this kind of accent wall. Hung sympathetically, black-and-white canvas prints can be a draw to the eye. If your accent wallpaper is dark or black, you can create contrast by adding a black-and-white canvas print in predominantly lighter tones. On a white wall, you can achieve the same effect with a black-and-white canvas print in darker tones. Another trick, which may at first seem unusual, but which will ensure your room makes a powerful impression, is to divide a wall using a row of black-and-white canvas prints. You can do this easily by hanging a selection of prints in a row, or in a vertical line. You could cover a wall with a collection of small canvas prints, or mix a range of different print sizes – the only limit is your imagination.

Timeless black-and-white canvas prints

The colours black and white have a great deal of symbolism, but most people agree on the timeless quality of a black-and-white canvas print. Black-and-white photographic prints on canvas have a fresh, contemporary feel. Don’t assume that the motifs need to be technically perfect – expressive blurring works very well. A black-and-white photo printed on canvas has an impact that few colour pictures or canvas prints can match. It’s not just the ageless feel, but also the depth of the black-and-white tones. It's easy to achieve a sophisticated look with black-and-white canvas prints.

Black-and-white canvas prints from Photowall

Black-and-white canvas prints are always in great demand. We of course offer a large selection, with styles to suit all tastes. The variations are endless, and black-and-white canvas prints will suit almost any room.
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