White canvas prints

The clean purity of the colour white is a real inspiration, conjuring up positivity and enthusiasm. There is no other colour that is so ordered, neutral, open, stimulating and pure. Read moreWhite objects and white rooms make us want to sweep away obstacles and get rid of all the distractions around us – white helps us find the peace, calm and space to think creatively about ourselves and the things around us. White has many positive associations with objects and ideas, and with things found in nature. The white fence around a green garden in the idyllic house of our dreams; beautiful seashells; a white dress worn on the most significant and beautiful day of a newlywed couple’s life.

Open up your room with white canvas prints

These days it is usual for people to find work and settle down in large towns or cities, and there are many advantages to living like that. The pulse of the streets, the incredible pace of life, the immense variety of impressions and events around you – it all stimulates creativity. The effect of all these amazing influences, every single day, can leave us wanting to take refuge in a calm, quiet place where we can rest our senses, and that place is often home. After a long week at work, few things beat a relaxing weekend, curled up on the sofa under a lovely cosy blanket. The draw of the metropolis and everything it has to offer also means that home is often quite compact, and it can be a challenge to make it seem spacious and airy. Using light colours to decorate your home is a great way to make the most of the space you have, and make it feel less restricted. But then shouldn’t you just decorate your home white, if white always feel elegant, trendy and spacious? Well, although an all-white room might sound like the answer, it is not necessarily always the best solution. A room that is too bright with lots of pale furnishings can be experienced as floating or diffuse, which actually makes our eyes work harder than they would in a darker space. The details depend on the actual room you are planning as your peaceful sanctuary, but it can be worthwhile using a mix of light and dark colours in the same room. A canvas print like Cloudscape with its light and airy motif will bring tranquillity to a dark wall, creating a feeling of space and giving your room an injection of life. A calm canvas print like Snow Drop creates a welcoming calm, and the inspiration of the motif’s gleaming surface will spur your imagination to flow.

A white canvas print for all tastes

At Photowall, we offer over 200 different white canvas print motifs. Thanks to our incredible range, we’re sure we have white canvas prints to suit any and all individual tastes. The green-clad snowboarder arcing down from a chalk-white, powder-snow cornice in Snowboarder at Jump would be perfect for a snowboard fan or a teenager who’s just discovered a new lifestyle. If you are after a quieter motif, the white orchids in White Orchid Stem - Purple may be exactly what you're looking for. At Photowall, we have any number of wonderful, inspiring wallpapers and murals, but we also warmly recommend browsing our selection of fantastic canvas prints and find exactly the right one for you.
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