Black-and-white wallpapers

Black-and-white patterns capture the imagination in their own totally unique way. Most of us perceive the world in colour, and that’s also how we think – in colour. Our imagination isRead more triggered in a special way when we look at a black-and-white motif. It creates an excitement and drama that's hard to pinpoint. Let's look at an example. The technology required to take colour photos with a camera came in the late nineteenth century, but black-and-white photography is still highly popular to this day. This is purely because of the feelings black-and-white images evoke in us. Black-and-white wallpaper is often associated with minimalism and straight lines, but of course there is a far wider variety of black-and-white wallpapers than that. If you're interested in black-and-white patterned wallpaper, we recommend taking a look at “Cold Song” from Agent Bauer, a really bold wallpaper with a pattern that jumps out at you.

Decorating with black and white

Just because you want a new style in your home doesn't mean it has to cost you loads of money or that you have to replace everything you own. It's actually both really fun and easy to repaint furniture with the colour of your choice. Perhaps you'd like to repaint your IKEA furniture? The possibilities are as endless as your imagination. Restyling what you already have is good for both your wallet and the environment. Plus it’s an enjoyable and inspiring feeling. If you want to give your home a black-and-white look but the colour of your furniture clashes, grab a brush and get painting!

Black-and-white wallpaper paired with green plants

Black and white goes perfectly with green. Think of every combination of black, white and green you can, and you’ll find there are a great many, and with good reason. These colours harmonise with one another splendidly. That’s why one of our best styling tips for black-and-white wallpaper is to balance out the room with green houseplants. And if you don’t have green fingers? Then we recommend resilient plants such as the Swiss cheese plant (Monstera), which with its large leaves is not only beautiful, but also very trendy. Nowadays you can even find absolutely gorgeous plastic plants that don’t require any care. So, green plants paired with black-and-white wallpaper: one of our hottest tips!

Black-and-white cities on your walls

Our black-and-white skyline motifs are among our most popular. The pattern is a black-and-white silhouette of a major metropolis, such as New York or Stockholm. It's not unusual to have a connection to a special city from your student days, or perhaps you’ve moved away from home and want your walls to remind you of your roots. Whatever the reason, we know that our wallpapers combining gorgeous black-and-white patterns with city motifs are very popular.

Black-and-white wallpaper with map motifs

Do you like travel? If so, a black-and-white map on your wall would be the perfect motif. Discover cities you never knew existed or daydream about past holidays. It’s worth noting that a black-and-white map is more discrete and does not take over the room the same way a coloured map can. Pick what suits you best.

Map out a treasured memory

Have you ever been on a long journey that means a lot to you? Choose wallpaper with a black-and-white map and trace your itinerary with a red pen. You probably have several souvenirs from that holiday stashed away at the back of the cupboard. Get them back out and make them part of your decor. Perhaps your old rucksack deserves to be dusted off and given new life as an extremely personal styling detail. Print out old holiday photos on canvas and display them, instead of leaving them forgotten in a drawer or on a hard disk. We promise, the result will be yours and yours alone. After all, your holiday and your belongings are unique to you. This is just one example of how you can decorate your home with black-and-white wallpaper. The possibilities are as endless as your own imagination.
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