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Turquoise wallpapers



Turquoise wallpapers

Turquoise wallpaper offers a variety of possibilities. The name comes from turquoise, a semi-precious gemstone. The colour turquoise varies between blue and green. It symbolises healiRead moreng, patience, calmness, harmony and balance. And because turquoise is a mix of blue and green, with blue symbolising truth, honesty, inspiration and creativity along with calmness, introspection, loneliness, coldness and seriousness, and green symbolising growth, rejuvenation, abundance, prosperity, peace, joy, collaboration and harmony, it means you’ll have the positive attributes of both colours when you choose to decorate with turquoise.

Trendy with turquoise

Choosing a turquoise wallpaper or a wallpaper with turquoise detail will give your room a fresh look. The colour has a soothing, calming effect. Turquoise wallpaper is one of this year's trend colours. Turquoise wallpaper is an excellent choice for a bedroom, and for children's rooms, too. One trick is to use turquoise wallpaper as an accent wall and carry it over into nice turquoise details to give a coherent feel to the room. A vibrant turquoise wallpaper not only goes well with other warm tones, but in a minimalist setting it enlivens cool tones, too. Try combining turquoise wallpaper with styling details in gold, one of the latest trends we’re seeing a lot of in the leading interior design magazines. Or why not go for a turquoise wallpaper with gold detail?The colours that match turquoise wallpaper obviously include white, but also fresh tones of lemon and lime. Turquoise tones very well with the warmth of natural wood, too.

It's easy to style with turquoise wallpaper

Why not style your bathroom with turquoise wallpaper? It will create a warm, fresh and relaxing atmosphere reminiscent of the tropics. Decorate your room with green houseplants to accentuate turquoise’s exotic feel. The beauty of turquoise wallpaper is also affected by the play of light in the room, and by the other colours in the furniture, pictures, lamps, and so on. If you are going to use a turquoise accent wallpaper, give some thought to which wall would be best, depending on the size of the room, its outlook, and the placement of the windows. If the room has north-facing windows, it may be worth choosing a turquoise wallpaper with warm tones to minimise any coolness. On the other hand, if the room faces south, you can choose either a warm turquoise wallpaper or turquoise wallpaper with cooler tones. If you want to make the most of a vibrant turquoise accent wallpaper, you should hang it on a blank wall rather than one with windows. Here's a clever, easy and inexpensive design tip: decorate furniture with turquoise wallpaper to create the ultimate pop of colour in the room.
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