White wallpapers

White wallpaper is a smart choice for your room. White is usually seen as a positive colour and is associated with purity, light, generosity, safety, hope and softness. White is one oRead moref the most common wallpaper colours because you can use it to contrast with coloured wallpapers or use only white in a room to maximise the light. White wallpaper reflects light well, usually 90% of sunlight. In some cases, a white wallpaper can be too bright and people can get headaches from all the light it reflects.

Experimenting with white wallpaper is fascinating

White wallpaper is never boring. Its effect is either harmonious or dramatic. White wallpaper gives you a perfect wall that’s neutral, and more than any other colour it draws the focus onto the other features of the room. White wallpaper is usually shaded. You get a warm feel if you have wallpaper with a hint of red to it, or you can get a cooler feel with a touch of blue. White wallpaper is perceived differently at different times of day. A beautiful sunrise or sunset through the window gives a white wallpaper a warm and cosy cast.

White wallpaper in different rooms

White wallpaper makes any room feel more spacious and it’s ideal for rooms such as a living room. Another advantage of using white wallpaper in a living room is that it’s usually a room with a lot of natural light. The light, reflecting from white wallpaper, will make the room brighter so you don’t need to use strong lighting. White wallpaper is a popular choice for most rooms because it makes for a real variety in terms of other decor.

White accent wallpaper

If all your walls are the same colour, such as a light shade of blue or purple, it can be an idea to use white accent wallpaper to create a contrast in the room. You can hang blue canvas prints on the white accent wallpaper to catch the eye. White accent wallpaper will never be an absolute white, because the colour of the other walls and any sunlight will always nuance it – something that is often considered exciting. White accent wallpaper on a wall that catches the sunrise or sunset is extra exciting because of the way it takes on new shades of colour from the sunlight. Often a white accent wallpaper creates a sense of sanctuary, a pause from the other colours in the room. You can style a white accent wallpaper a little differently than the rest of the room.

Photowall’s range of white wallpapers

White wallpaper is a popular choice in many homes. At Photowall, we have an exciting range of white wallpapers that will give any room a harmonious feel.
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