Black wallpapers

Black wallpaper as base for creative styling. It’s up to you create your own style. Black is the perfect foil for a creative decor. It leaves you free to use any other colours you wisRead moreh to create something truly unique. Black matches everything and is therefore the perfect base for your interior design.

An enduring trend

Dark walls are a strong trend that has only grown since 2016, and shows no sign of slowing down. Wallpaper with black or dark motifs can give a room a special character, whether as an accent wall or part of a wall – or why not a black patterned wallpaper that dominates the room. Keep the big picture in mind when you’re styling with black wallpaper, and decide on a secondary colour that balances out the room so that the black is not too dominant. This doesn't have to be difficult or complicated. Imagine a black accent wall with an orange sofa and an orange lamp on the windowsill. Orange is a colour that always goes well with black. Of course, only you know how you want your room, and you should always follow your instincts – that way you’ll be really satisfied with the result.

Black wallpaper and flowers

Flowers are a good way to strike a balance with black wallpaper. If you have predominantly black, don't hesitate to style the room with all types of orchids for best results. The flowers create life in contrast to the wall, which catches eyes naturally. Wallflower-Black from Byracka is perfect if you like a flowery wallpaper with a black background. It’s a truly elegant and stylish floral wallpaper.

What to bear in mind with dark decor

There are a few things you should bear in mind about light when styling a room with dark walls. Lighting is a major area in its own right, and there are people who work full-time as lighting designers. We’ll settle with some basics that will help you understand how to treat light paired with colour.

Black wallpaper absorbs light

Black is black because no light is reflected from a black surface. Instead, a black surface absorbs light – as opposed to a white surface, which reflects all light. Light is energy, so why does asphalt get hot in the summer and why do black jeans dry faster in the sun? Because black absorbs light, of course.

The interplay of light and colour

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, you need to be sure that the room you’re decorating gets enough light because black absorbs light. If not, your room could easily feel cramped and dark. It’s a good idea to choose a room that gets a lot of natural light at the times of day when you’re most often there. You also might need slightly stronger lighting than usual, and the temperature of the light should preferably be on the cooler side. You can read up on the Kelvin scale if you want to learn more about the temperature of light. Of course, what you want to achieve with your room is the most important thing, but don't forget about the interplay of light and colour.

Wallpaper for film buffs

Are you a film buff looking to create that authentic cinema experience? Black or dark wallpaper in the living room or TV room will create an atmosphere that otherwise you can only find at the cinema. Especially if you use a projector. It feels as if you’re being drawn into the plot of the movie when your eyes can stay fully focused on the screen and the light doesn’t bounce around in the room. For a hardcore film buff it’s not enough to just turn off the lights off – the walls need to be dark, too. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll never again hang pale wallpaper in your TV room.
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