Art & Design

Art is a widely used subject when it comes to interior design. There are a vast amount of art forms. With the use of these forms of art, people created various art pieces. Art pieces Read moreare used in many ways, and one of those is through decorations. Forms gave us many ideas on how to use artistic creations in designing our homes. Art can be used to express feelings and emotions. An artist can create something that shows how happy or sad he is feeling, There can be a lot of inspirations when creating an art. Photowall’s collection of art & design wallpapers will help you decide on what track you are pursuing in designing your homes.

Color Fest

Who wouldn’t feel the happy vibe when looking at something so colorful? Colors that are pleasing to the eyes. The colorful appearance brings joy and happiness. Colors have been part of most forms of art. Their combinations, when used right, give us a satisfying feeling. It’s not uncommon for homeowners to use art with diverse colors as a design of a wallpaper. These are the type of art that doesn’t represent something because every single one differs in colors and shapes. That’s what makes it more interesting and cool. Art & design can be a lot more than paintings, photographs, and drawings. There are a lot of forms that can be used as a design. Just like the color spectrum, art is a broad and diverse topic. The wallpapers with playful vibrant colors best fit our living rooms. With rainbow colors, you may feel that you just want to find that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow or maybe just search for unicorns running above them. Rainbows may be considered to be magical and using a wallpaper with these colors are just perfect.

Art Spectrum

Like colors, art also has different forms. It can be visual art, applied art, and performing arts. Under these categories are a lot of sub-categories of art. In visual art, we have drawings, paintings, photography, or any art that uses a medium to signify the idea or imagination of the artist. In applied art, we have architecture, fashion design, interior design, or an art that has real-world application as well as functionality. Visual and applied art are the most commonly used form of arts when it comes to design. Paintings, drawings, and photographs do make a great addition on your house’s walls.

Playful Ideas

Among these many choices to choose from are wallpapers that has a playful vibe in them. It doesn’t matter if it’s a simple design or one with more complicated details, they all have a common denominator. A playful wallpaper idea for you home is another great candidate to choose. A wallpaper perfect for your living rooms and bedrooms. It won’t just give great aesthetics, it’ll also tickle our eyes and mind. You can try the town illustration wallpaper or the design with branches withthe coloring style used is abstract. These make a wonderful mural and a wonderful dress for our walls.
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