Beige Wallpaper

You can't go wrong with beige wallpaper in any room. The color suits most decor styles and is easy to match, yet many think the color is boring and is tricky to make look good. So howRead more do you go about decorating with beige? Here are our top tips.

Match beige with other colors

Beige is very neutral, making it easy to coordinate with almost anything. But if you make everything in your room beige, including the wallpaper, furniture and accessories, your room would quickly seem boring. So be sure to match your beige wallpaper with strong, happy colors such as blue, red, green or brown. If subtle is more your style, beige wallpaper even goes well with white, gray and wood tones.

Beige wallpaper in every room

Is your style provincial and a bit romantic? Then beige wallpaper is perfect for your bedroom. Pair it with a beige rustic bed and white linen curtains. Try making your bed with a gray blanket, white bedspreads and for a burst of color, accessorize with blue bed cushions. For a simpler look, use white linen sheets and wooden details – perfect for an airy and modern bedroom. Beige wallpaper is ideal for kitchens, where you can dare to mix beige in its many shades: light beige wallpaper, beige curtains in a slightly darker shade and beige plates on the table. Add a kitchen table and chairs made of wood and put up white lights for a look that’s both trendy and cozy. It’s a piece of cake to style with beige wallpaper in living rooms, as it pairs well with a wide variety of styles and colors. If you’d like to recreate the style of a luxurious hotel, match your wallpaper with a white sofa, a beige-patterned rug and a gray or pink velvet armchair. For a more modern look, add contrasts, find a colorful sofa to go with the beige wallpaper, pink and purple sofa cushions, a colorful pouffe and a gray rug.

Our top 5 beige wallpapers

We have loads of beige wallpapers, everything from beige flowers with white details and abstract beige patterns to children’s motifs and birds with fine detailing. Here we have picked out our top five to give you a better overview.

Botanica - Beige by Byracka

A beige wallpaper with cascading flowers and playful birds in fine detail. Works well in almost any room, including nurseries, living rooms and halls. Highly popular with both grown-ups and children.

Frames – Beige by Ingela P Arrhenius

Frames – a beige wallpaper with playful animals that range from a well-dressed elephant to a tiger with a monocle. A charming motif for children’s rooms with new details to discover every day.

Ohoy – Fine Little Day

A playful pattern with a beige background color drawn by 8-year old Otto Dunker. Livens up every kid’s room, but works just as well in a hall or a kitchen. Or why not in every room of the summer cottage?

Beige and Green World Map

A world map in beige. A good fit everywhere, from bedrooms and kids’ rooms to kitchens and living rooms. Hang it on the wall of your child’s room and it will have the added advantage of being a source of knowledge in wallpaper form.

Bookshelf – Wooden – Long – Beige

A bookshelf wallpaper in a wonderful beige color. Wallpaper a wall in the living room wall or an accent wall in the bedroom with beige book spines.
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