Water Sports

One of the most picturesque sports is featured in this category by Photowall. Water sports wall murals brings the beauty and power of different bodies of water in combination with fanRead moretastic athletic ability into one gorgeous collection. Whether you are a practitioner or not, these water sports wall murals will fascinate and entice you. There are so many different types of activities, locations and designs in this amazingly curated collection. No matter if the interior you are decorating is residential, recreational or even corporate, you will benefit visually from our images. Water sports wall murals can make you the talk of the town because family, friends and colleagues will admire you for your unique and special wall decoration. Not only are there real life photographs that will almost make you feel the splash of the water in your face, but also works of art that give this kind of sport a whole new context and meaning. As always, you can request modifications to meet your tastes and wishes, especially in regard to existing interior design, colour schemes and so on.

Water sports wall murals and history

We all know that about 70 percent of the world is covered in water, and that it is an essential component of life. So now wonder therefore that people have incorporated physical activity with water since the beginning of time. In water sports wall murals, we will try to trace it exactly along humanity's timeline. You could point to the sea-faring people of Polynesia as the pioneers of water-related activity that was not purely functional, but also beneficial to the body and recreational. Surfing, as it is now known to the modern man, and pearl diving were widely practiced activity among the people of the Pacific islands. The water sports wall mural "Surfer Carving Top of Wave" is a direct descendant of that development. The most obvious candidate for being the original water sport though is swimming. While no one can tell when swimming was made recreational by our ancestors, you can at least be safe in the knowledge that swimming was part of the Olympics since 1896, where it was won by Alfréd Hajós of Hungary in Athens. "Swimming" is another water sports wall mural that can track its history back to that particular event.

So many kinds

With water sports wall murals, we can ascertain what is and defines the sport itself, especially because we are dealing with a force of nature as its primary venue. Nonetheless, we have decided to only highlight the most prominent of water sports in this category by Photowall. We have already mentioned swimming and surfing, but there is also Kayaking, Sailing, Water Polo, Canoeing, Wakeboarding, Rowing, Windsurfing, Diving, Freediving and so many more. While not all of them are present in water sports wall murals, there are plenty of examples that will satisfy your curiousity but most importantly, your visual needs. "Windsurfing Jump", for instance, brings such a vibrancy and positive feel to your interior design that it can easily be the main highlight of your home or workplace. If you want something even more powerful, check out the water sports wall mural "Diver Between Tectonic Plates". You will feel like you are in a whole other world whenever you gaze upon this unique view.

Benefits of water sports wall murals

Speaking of good energy and such, did you know that water sports have such a positive impact on overall health when done properly and regularly? They can decrease risk for chronic diseases like diabetes or heart conditions, improve bone density, help with arthritis and improve your mental health. Just being in a natural environment as you can see in water sports wall murals and doing a good, physical activity will help a long way. Display water sports wall murals like "Halland Wind Surfing" or "Surf Paddling in the Sea" for that inspiration to live healthy. For mental relaxation, get yourself something like the stunningly beautiful "Sail Under the Sunset". Coming home to water sports wall murals like these can really alleviate the stress from daily life.
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