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Kick It - Red Grey - Wallpaper - Kids Room



Ball Sports

When we hear about ball sports, most of us would think about, basketball, volleyball, football, soccer, and baseball. Who wouldn’t recognize those world-famous sports? A wallpaper insRead morepired by these ball sports can take your room from zero to hero! Let’s ditch the boring looking room and take our mural game to the next level like how athletes carry the game and win all the way. Let your friends and guests look at your wall with constant admiration with these amazing murals brought to you by Photowall.

World - famous sports on your walls

Ball sports are definitely famous so it’s not a strange thing to choose a theme like this for the wall of your rooms. Be the MVP of the mural game with these wallpapers. Let your inner David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo, or Lionel Messi out with these amazing Soccer themed wallpapers. You may try this amazing fisheye photograph of the Santiago Stadium in Spain on your wall. This would be great on your living room walls. Adding a vibe that not will make anyone, not only soccer fans, who enters the room excited for an upcoming game or just simply wants to rewatch a game from last time’s FIFA World Cup™. Soccer isn’t only for adults. You might want to try this animated mural for your son’s bedroom. This coo looking mural has a player kicking the soccer ball which may inspire your son to practice more or to be into sports rather than staying inside and just play using mobile gadgets. A simple green background with white horizontal splash and a soccer ball at the right would also be a great choice for your or your son’s room. Your daughter might also want this skilled girl soccer player mural on her walls! There are a lot more choices for you. Like these baseball themed ones. An amazing painting of a baseball bat, glove, ball, and an American flag as the background might be of your preference. This basketball court drawing would be great on your child’s bedroom. Its colors will match every child’s bubbly personality, and would eliminate any boring atmosphere in the room. These blue stadium chairs would also be a good choice for your simple living room and bedroom. It would add an aesthetic feel to the room.

Peaceful looking Ball Sports wall murals

Aside from the action-packed wall murals, they also give off peaceful vibes that would be a perfect choice for your bedrooms! A soccer field in contrast with the sunlight is a good one. It has a solemn feel making anyone who sees it just wants to rest like they were playing for an hour. The sceneries in this motif are as breathtaking as the nature themed ones. The golf course in Falsterbo, Sweden is another peaceful looking mural that is perfect for bedrooms. Golf courses in Lofoten, Norway and Molndal, Sweden also gives off the same vibe as well. They all feature wonderful and attractive sceneries. Their aesthetics are great and the foggy effect really helped the scenery to achieve the relaxing effect to anyone who looks at it.
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