Solitude is loosely defined as the physical state of being alone. It can also be an emotional state of being isolated, whether in a good or bad way, with one’s emotions and thoughts. Read moreDepending on the manner in which it is employed, solitude can either cause a human being to be withdrawn and reclusive, or it can be a source of rejuvenation and recharging of the faculties, making him or her stronger for the trials to come. Time alone with your thoughts and feelings can be a good thing, but too much of anything has been universally proven to cause headaches. Photowall pays tribute to this unique state of being with its own collection of solitude wall murals. These solitude wall murals depict the myriad images that come to accompany this delicate state. Hang a few of these solitude wall murals on the walls of your living room, and feel the pensive and refreshing vibe fill the entire space. Your family and guests will adore you for having the forethought of displaying these solitude wall murals on your walls. Allow your mind and body to reset themselves with the help of these amazing solitude wall murals in your living room. Your family will never want to leave this tranquil area with all these solitude wall murals around them. These solitude wall murals can infuse your home with peace and light.

Relaxing in solitude wall murals

Meditation, when you are alone, is a perfect way to relax and center yourself. Clearing your thoughts and letting all your extraneous worries fall away is a basic element of this particular technique. There are certain religious sects that teach the art of meditation to their followers as a way to be one with the universe. It is said that these methods open up a person’s consciousness and heighten certain brain functions. Photowall allows you a glimpse of a more peaceful existence with “Sweet Dreams”, “Church in Sunset”, and “Misty Boatride” in its unique collection of solitude wall murals. Hang these solitude wall murals in your recreation room to clear your mind and prepare you for an exciting time of playing with your grown-up amusements. But perhaps the perfect place to display these solitude wall murals is on the walls of your lounging areas. These soothing solitude wall murals are the very definition of tranquility and calm. Simply sit in this space and gaze at these solitude wall murals and feel the anxieties and troubles of the day just fall away. Soothe your senses with these solitude wall murals.

Rare in solitude wall murals

The privilege of having peace and quiet and being alone with one’s thoughts is not something to be taken for granted in this modern world. With all the noise and interruptions of technology brought about by daily life, it is a rare occurrence to be able to find time to hear yourself think and be able to gather your wits about you. Photowall lets you have some peace and quiet with “Free Soul”, “Lonely Man”, and “Lonely House” in its wonderful collection of solitude wall murals. These pieces in solitude wall murals showcase some of the places and states of being where we can enjoy some time alone with ourselves. Hang a few of these solitude wall murals atop your bed, in your sleeping quarters, and feel as though you are closing your eyes and achieving oneness with the universe. Let yourself drift off to the most peaceful and energizing slumber with the help of these solitude wall murals. Nothing can compare to the enveloping and encompassing sense of calmness and satisfaction that these solitude wall murals can give.

Calm and collected

Even the military forces of the world teach isolation and centering techniques to their soldiers to help them manage combat stress and reduce the feeling of panic when confronted with life-threatening situations. It is a wise warrior who understands that rest is a weapon, and that one is more formidable as an opponent after being recharged and energized by ample time to relax. The United States Navy Seals teach a technique of counting backward when you are alone and cornered, to dissipate fear and confusion among their operators. Photowall lets you cool down with “Starry Sky”, “Fog & Trees”, and “Girl on Stairway” in its splendid collection of solitude wall murals. These solitude wall murals show several images that you can picture when you are alone. These solitude wall murals can help soothe your senses, and allow you to you calm down. Hang a few of these solitude wall murals in your hallways and make the act of moving from room to room an exercise in serenity. Place several of these soothing solitude wall murals in your private study or mini-library and allow the images to still your thoughts and prepare you for more centered living.
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