One of the most adorable and child-friendly categories by Photowall is Brokiga wall murals. Based on the popular series of Swedish books written and illustrated by Carin and Stina WirRead moresén, these Brokiga wall murals are the perfect focal point to have in any room that is frequented by children. The imagery and characters will reinforce playfulness, creativity and kindness. The affable colours are the ideal tool with which you can decorate your chosen interior. Just like the stories themselves, our Brokiga wall murals will inspire your young ones to tolerant and empathetic, while treating everyone around them with equality. Since the characters come in many different shapes, sizes and colours, you will really have your pick of the litter when it comes to choosing from the many beautiful items. Equally important, the figures display a wide variety of emotions which is really helpful when dealing with kids because it allows parents to relate and contextualize. As per usual, these Brokiga wall murals can be adjusted to complement your colour schemes and overall look.

Brokiga wall murals impact

Did you know that "Brokiga" is the Swedish word for multicoloured but also "full of lively patterns"? This is very helpful when it comes to decorating an interior because it will allow you to really play around with your interior design. Brokiga wall murals will nurture your child's self-esteem, just like the books, and also invite them to be creative and playful in equal measure. You could say that the main protagonist is "Little Pink"because she appears most in Brokiga wall murals. Despite her cute appearance, do not be fooled because in the books she is identified as the guide in the stories but also has an attitude who can growl and show her fangs. In Brokiga wall murals though, she is just one of the many figures that recur from book to book, whereas others are merely guests that you can catch a glimpse of. A Brokiga wall mural that features "Little Pink" prominently is "Utanfor Kojan Strax Bredvid Gojan", a wonderful work of art that conveys a sense of calm but also hints at a playfulness that can be used for wall decoration.

About the creators

There are over thirty titles of Brokiga books which are read and adored by children all over the world. The aforementioned Carin and Stina Wirsén are sisters who work closely together through writing and illustrating. Their beautiful work is what makes Brokiga wall murals possible in the first place. Their series of books were designed by Anna Hörling, who is an industrial designer that dabbles in many different ventures. The trio's focus on on early language development and on children’s ability to comprehend concepts is really visible in Brokiga wall murals. They subtly incorporate different subject into the stories so that the young ones can barely notice how much they are learning. Photowall's Brokiga wall murals can do the same for your kids because each item has its unique story and visual appeal.

Samples of Brokiga wall murals

There are many different scenes in Brokiga wall murals, each with its own unique design, playful colours and unique appeal. "Skog XL", for example, is a rather busy image where there is a lot going on. Your child will find something new with every viewing of this Brokiga wall mural. This can even be the centerpiece of a classroom or a common room for children. "Viskande Träd" is something that could fit into a toddler's, or even newborn's room. The simplicity and friendly colours of this Brokiga wall mural will not overwhelm the young ones' eyes. To make the kitchen a room where the kids want to be and participate in, check out "Brokiga Bakar". Brokiga wall murals such as this are the perfect gateway for kids to do their part and learn about different processes, such as baking.
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