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Pettson and Findus - Pettson Tents 2 - Wallpaper - Kids Room



Pettson and Findus

Sven Nordqvist’s whimsical books about the old man Pettson and his cat Findus are among our most loved and timeless classics. The books have been translated into 47 languages and are Read morestill popular and loved by children (and adults!) of all ages all over the world. Take delight in nostalgia and new discoveries over and over again with this wall mural collection! All wall mural designs are created from scanned original drawing by Sven Nordqvist and have a wealth of colours and details, just like the books. It doesn’t matter how many time you have admired one of the amusing drawings, you always find a new playful detail. How about a hen eating a jam tart, a bird shaking off mats outside its birdhouse or a rooster who refreshes the red colour on its comb in a homemade machine, complete with colour and brush!

Adventures with Pettson and Findus

Join Pettson when he’s making a pancake pie for Findus who is having his birthday, three times per year actually! Tag along on Pettson and Findus’ exciting adventure when they are trying to frighten the fox who is prowling around the hens. Or delight in the hilarious story of when Pettson sows vegetables and Findus plants meatballs in the vegetable garden. There’s a lot of hullaballoo when the vegetable garden gets a visit from hens, cows and a pig. Keep Findus company when he’s moving out and Pettson helps him decorating his own little place in the outhouse. Here you find wallpapers with designs from inter alia Pannkakstårtan, Rävjakten, Kackel i grönsakslandet, Pettson tältar och När Findus är liten och försvann. Welcome in to Pettson and Findus’ wonderful fantasy world!

Playful kids’ room Pettson and Findus

With unique Pettson and Findus wall murals you can easily create a playful feeling in the kids’ room. Let your child discover that each moment can be an adventure and that you should be kind to everyone, hens and foxes, cats and old men. The kids’ wall mural fits all kids’ rooms and encourage play, creativity and learning. Let yourself be inspired by our selection of original drawings from the books and chose the wallpaper that is best for your home. Whichever wallpaper you chose, you can be sure that you and your child will have a warm and hopeful feeling when you behold your new kids’ wall mural! Sven Nordqvist’s wonderful world of images is timeless and a colour palette from the Swedish lush but soft nature. Greenish yellow lawns, green summery bushes and red cottages with white trim sets the style. Combine with light wooden furniture and the kids’ room will be a welcoming oasis!
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