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There’s no vaster or more exciting place than outer space and our wide variety of different space-themed wallpapers reveals the many incredible galaxies, constellations and planets juRead morest beyond our sight. Within this one theme – space – there are endless variations! It’ll take you to infinity and beyond! Looking for something more historic? Why not opt for our Lunar Vehicle wallpaper, and commemorate ‘one big leap for mankind’? And if conspiracy theories are more your thing, you’ll love our UFO wall mural.


Space is incredibly beautiful – but its wonders are so far away that we often forget they’re even there. Bring some of the most fantastic galaxies and constellations in the universe right into your home with our collection of galaxy-themed wallpapers, including the Andromeda galaxy, the stellar field nebulae and the Orion nebula. Who needs a telescope when you have the whole thing in incredible detail along your wall?


We’ve all learned the order of the planets at school – and we’ve all gone back and forth over whether Pluto deserves to be counted or not. But the learning doesn’t need to stop there: our Solar System - Explore and Solar System - Orange wall murals are the perfect educational tool, letting you know exactly how big each planet is relative to the others and how they orbit the sun, amongst other things. Learning doesn’t get more fun than this… and it can all be done from the comfort of your armchair! If you’re someone who likes keeping things closer to home, take a look at our planet Earth wallpapers. With Blue Dot, Blue Planet and Light on Earth, just to name a few, you’ll see our planet in a whole new way! Who knew Earth was so varied and so beautiful? Paper your sitting room with these wall murals, and you’ll give any guests the wow factor.


We all remember that teacher who burst our bubble by telling us stars were no more than flaming balls of gas. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t incredibly captivating! Check out our Starry Sky or Starry Space wallpapers for views of the night sky as you’ve never seen it before: taken in ultra-high detail, the long exposure of the shot meaning that every star out there is captured. It’s far more than you’d be able to see with the naked eye – and now you can save yourself a trip into the cold, enjoying these views from the comfort of your favourite room. Gas giants they may be, but stars have always been linked with inspiration, peace and meditation. For a wall mural which perfectly captures our relationship with the heavenly bodies, have a look at our Nirvana wallpaper. In relaxing blues and creams, this calm canvas print will ensure you find that inner peace.

Where should your space wallpaper go?

It goes without saying that any child would be thrilled to have their room decorated with a space mural: there’s something for every personality, whether they’d prefer the bright, bold colours of Space Odyssey, Solar System and Amazing Space, the beautiful muted tones of Stone Arch and the Milky Way, Near Space and Deep Space Nebula, or the calming blacks and whites of Lunar Vehicle on the Moon, Andromeda Galaxy and Stellar Field Nebulae – just to name a few! And we cater for all ages, too. Check out Space Age Buddy for a simple but exciting rocket ship print that will particularly appeal to younger kids. For boys and girls bound for infinity and beyond, there’s the striking Toy Story - Space wall mural, with the fantastically familiar character in a striking all-new setting. Budding scientists will love any of the detailed photographs in our space range, while historians in the making can opt for memories of such unforgettable events as the lunar landing, with One Big Leap and Space Shuttle, amongst others. But don’t let the kids have all the fun! These wall murals are just the thing for adding extra allure to a games room, and would certainly be a talking point as a statement wall in your lounge. Paper an adult bedroom with these space-themed prints, and you’ll have the perfect background last thing at night as you drift off to sleep. Make a bold move and go for a wallpaper that’s as interesting as it is different from the norm; you won’t regret it. These designs may be far-fetched, but they’ll make a world – or universe – of difference in any room in the house!
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