The planet Earth is the third one from the sun. It is the only planet in our solar system that currently has an active intelligent life form population. It is home to trillions of homRead moreo sapiens, the predominant species on the planet. It is composed of two-thirds water and a third of the landmass. It has two poles, The North and South Poles, and has an equator that divides its northern and southern hemispheres. Photowall pays tribute to our one and only home in its brilliant collection of Earth wall murals. These fine images of our beloved planet depict the beautiful blue gem that it is, as seen from outer space. What better image to put in your residence than that of all of mankind’s collective home. Hang these splendid Earth wall murals in your living room as a symbol of gratitude to our bountiful planet which has nurtured and sustained our species since the beginning of time. Position a few of these Earth wall murals in your private study or mini-library to serve as a clarion call to be vigilant with the protection and care of our environment. Let these magnificent Earth wall murals remind us that home is the most important thing of all.

Beloved in Earth wall murals

The Earth’s atmosphere is made up of mostly nitrogen and oxygen, which we human beings use to breathe. The composition of the planet itself is made up of the lithosphere, crust, upper mantle, lower mantle, asthenosphere, outer core, and inner core. The outer core is made of molten hot magma, while the inner core is basically a solid ball of iron. This inner core spins at the rate of thousands of miles per second and produces electromagnetism, which in turn, gives the planet its electromagnetic field. This electromagnetic field is what protects our planet from harmful microwaves emitted by the sun. Photowall celebrates our very own with “Exoplanet in Deep Space”, “Earth in Space”, and “Planets and their Moons” in its fine line of Earth wall murals. These wonderful images depict the majesty and awesome size of our home, as well as the diversity and color of the life it sustains. Hang these amazing Earth wall murals in your lounging or recreational spaces to give yourself a feel of comfort and belongingness. Sit with your family in your living room while surrounded by these Earth wall murals and share with them the pride and affection we all feel for the terrestrial body that has nurtured our species.

Priceless in Earth wall murals

The Earth takes 365 days to complete its revolution around the sun. It has only one moon. The planet has a 24 hour day that is divided into antemeridian and post meridian in increments of 12 hours each. Around the planet is an imaginary line that culminates in Greenwich, England called the Prime Meridian which is the standard for the International Date Line. Photowall shows you more with “Ringed Solar System”, “New Perspective”, and “Earth and Moon” in its remarkable collection of Earth wall murals. These splendid images would not be out of place in the hallways of your home, to give it a sense of continuity, as you traverse from room to room. Hang these Earth wall murals in the sleeping areas and play spaces of your children to provide them with endless hours of amusement. But these Earth wall murals can serve an educational purpose as well if used to open the minds of your kids to the wonders of their own planet. Use these Earth wall murals to teach them the value of taking care of our home.

One and only

The Earth is not without its share of problems, however. Through the millennia, mankind’s carelessness and neglect have caused destruction and depletion of our natural resources on an unprecedented scale. The carbon emissions of our internal combustion engines have caused the dangerous accumulation of greenhouse gases that could very well lead to the melting of the polar ice caps. If this catastrophe happens, the Earth will undergo global warming and will effectively bring us to another Ice Age, which could annihilate a large percentage of life on this planet. Photowall reminds us of our responsibility with “Astronaut with Earth in Background”, “Amazing Space”, and “Planet Earth” in its wide array of Earth wall murals. Let these iconic images bring to sharp focus our duty to safeguard and care for our home planet, and to try our best to undo the massive damage we have inflicted upon it. It is not only our sacred trust but that of future generations as well, to assure that the planet continues to maintain its ecological stability and biodiversity. The human species has only one home in this universe and these Earth wall murals exist to remind us of our job to take care of it.
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