The moon is the only natural satellite that the Earth has, which is about one-quarter of its size. Its gravity influences the ebb and flow of the ocean tides. It has no atmosphere, hyRead moredrosphere, or magnetic field. The moon orbits the Earth for a period of 29.5 days which makes up the basis of the lunar calendar. Depending on its position relative to the Earth and the Sun, the moon can show from zero to one hundred percent of its face. Photowall pays tribute to this magnificent heavenly body in its own line of moon wall murals. These images feature the many ways this fascinating natural satellite is portrayed, from the scientific to the poetic, to the artistic, to the comical. Hang these amazing moon wall murals in your living room to make a powerful statement to all who frequent this place. Let it be the center of attention and the focus of the eye in this space. Position these moon wall murals in your recreational rooms to give them a sense of romance and mystery. You will spend countless hours entertained by these moon wall murals while you play video games or a round of poker in your recreational space.

Enchanting in moon wall murals

In literature and poetry, the moon is meant to signify the shifting and temporary nature of things. Although it connotes romanticism and all things amorous, it is also a cautionary symbol for the transient nature of existence. In the Shakespearean romantic tragedy, Romeo and Juliet, our heroine tells her lover to, Swear not by the moon, the inconstant moon, that monthly changes in its circled orb, lest that thy love be likewise variable. Photowall lets you in on the charm with “Moon with stars”, “Earth in Space”, and “Blue Moon” in its wide collection of moon wall murals. These wonderful images depict the ethereal nature of this natural satellite, the side which has inspired poets, minstrels, and scribes for millennia. Position a few of these moon wall murals in your lounging areas and you will hardly feel the hours fly by, so relaxed and rested you will be. These moon wall murals will not only make fine adornments for the eyes but will help ease away all your burdens and cares for the day. Sit with your favorite glass of wine while you gaze intently at these moon wall murals and be the king of your own personal castle.

Illuminating in moon wall murals

In the practice of psychology, lunacy is defined as the inability to tell reality from fantasy. It is also the imagination of things and characters that do not exist. It is, in short, another definition for dementia, which is a classic psychological disorder. The word lunacy is derived from the Latin word Luna, meaning moon. So the moon can be meant to connote an unstable frame of mind when seen from a certain perspective. Photowall salutes this strange and interesting fact with “New Perspective”, “Earth and Moon”, and “Spring Night” in its fine line of moon wall murals. These images showcase the more mysterious qualities of this amazing heavenly body. Strategically position a few of these moon wall murals atop your bed in your sleeping area and be amazed at the hypnotic quality these moon wall murals bring into your room. You will never have a better night’s sleep with these moon wall murals watching over you. Even the sleeping areas and play nooks of your kids will benefit greatly from these moon wall murals. Watch as they gaze in awe and appreciation at these marvelous images. Use them as a tool to teach your kids about this remarkable celestial body.

Silver and beaming

Even in traditional folklore all over the world, the moon serves a huge role in the passing on of these vocal customs and the continuation of culture. In the myth of the werewolf, a human being is transformed into a hybrid of man and wolf every time the moon is full. There is also the legend of the man on the moon, sitting on his lofty perch, surveying all that goes on in our terrestrial world. When astronauts Neil Armstong and Buzz Aldrin first set foot on the moon, they were quoted as saying It is one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind. To this day, the moon is still a major factor in modern lore. When the moon is full and blazing bright in the sky, the Italians call it La Luna De Cacciatore, or hunter’s moon. This signifies that this heavenly body is glowing so bright in the night sky, that it is the perfect time to go hunting in the forest. These splendid moon wall murals can bring the magic and enchantment of this amazing natural wonder into your home.
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