Lions & Big Cats

Is there a child who doesn't like cats? These furry, affectionate, sometimes aloof creatures that dominate the household, capture the hearts and minds of cat lovers the world over. ThRead moree Photowall range of wallpapers showcases these agile animals in so many different styles. Everyone loves a caricature, so whether the cats are true-to-life or not, these wall murals deserve their place on every wall. From a retro black and white wall mural to funky world maps made up of cats, there is a space in your home that is crying out for one of these. Angry cats, fluffy Persians, comedy cats, there's a feline wallpaper for everyone.

The wild in your space? Why not!

Bringing a touch of the wild into your home or space is simply amazing. Of course we’re not talking about the actual thing but images of the essence of the wild. There are actually many ways to add them to your interior, For instance, the addition of decorative items that depict the animals and sceneries of the wild can totally transform your bedroom into a forest or wilderness. These days, the use of wall murals have taken the design industry like storm. Homeowners and designers find them easy to use and the designs available are simply marvelous. Photowall has a wide range of wall mural collection that can easily make your interior look appealing. One of the prides of Photowall are the Lions & Big Cats wall murals. Featuring the amazing wild cats in natural colors as well as in caricature. These designs will certainly be loved by your little ones and will surely adore them in their room. Kids, as we know it, love to experience and feel the adventures of the wild. Of course, they do not have to actually experience the adventure, but something that can be added in their room so that they will be able to appreciate the beauty of the wild. Being part of their room will help them appreciate these amazing beasts and will help them learn more about their nature. So it’s time to teach your kids about lions and the other big cats, and one way is to create a realistic wildlife in their room. Lions & Big Cats wall murals can easily create a theme that will surely create astounding effects. In addition to the bedroom of your little ones, Lions & Big Cats may also be added in the living room or the work space. These wall mural designs will not only make your dull and boring room appear lively and vibrant but will also create a focal point that will impress other people. Never hesitate to add the King of the Jungle and its relatives to your interior and create an amazing and impressive room.

The truth about Lions and Big Cats

Big cats refer to the five living members of the Panthera group: tiger, lions, jaguar, leopard, and snow leopard. Other members of the group are the cougar, clouded leopard, Sunda clouded leopard and cheetah. These amazing beasts are considered to be carnivores and efficient apex predators. They are usually seen in the Americas, Africa, and Asia. Though they may be considered to be at the top of the food chain, their population is threatened by various factors. The primary reasons are habitat destruction and poaching. With the Lions & Big Cats wall murals, you will be able to raise awareness of their importance in the ecosystem and help educate people on how to conserve them. Maybe it’s not too late to save these wild beasts. Probably what humans need are awareness and information. Happy decorating!
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