If you want an animal as the focal point of your interior design, you cannot go wrong with one that has been with mankind for centuries. Horses have not only provided assistance in eaRead moresing our workload throughout the ages, they have also been a vital part of how the world was shaped. This is why Photowall has created a category named stallions wall murals, to pay tribute to the ones that are instrumental in maintaining the horse populations at proper levels. A wonderful collection of stallions wall murals for you to display in your space can make all the difference in the world. Furthermore, you will also discover the real difference between a stallion and a horse when going through this assortment. The stallion is essentially the reproductive viable adult male of the horse, while a horse can be any of foal, yearling, colt, filly, mare or stallion. See, stallions wall murals are not just great to look at, but also educational and informative. The beauty and grace of these images will improve any residential, recreational and even corporate interior you are planning to design.

A guarantee of stallions wall murals

One of the best elements in stallions wall murals is the assurance that there is movement within the images, and thus visual dynamism which will be translated onto your walls. It can create a lively ambiance, one that is motivating and energetic. Take "Rocky Mountain Stallion" as a concrete example, a stallions wall mural that just screams "action"! "Running Stallion" is another great image that really expresses that movement. This specific stallions wall mural also depicts the element of water, splashing into the horses as they race across the body of water. Imagery such as this can provide ideal texture to your wall decoration, while also giving it beautifully natural composition. Transform your interiors in an instant with stallions wall murals that really bring the maximum visual impact in your home or office.

Healthy amount of choice

Stallions wall murals feature different kinds of breeds when it comes to their individual subjects. It is actually quite difficult to calculate exactly how many horse breeds there are in the world. Many types of horses either are close offshoots of other breeds, or have been blended into other breeds over time. There are studies that list over 200 separate breeds of horses, but there are also others that merely have 150, although the latter also included ancient breeds that no longer exist but are the ancestors of many breeds today. Either way, you will be more than satisfied with the options in stallions wall murals, not just in terms of breeds, but also colours. The stallions wall mural named "Beautiful Lusitano Horse", for example, shows off the beautiful brown hue of this regal creature. The Lusitano horse breed is known for its noble character, power and majesty. The Lusitano is one of the oldest horse breeds in the world with cave paintings of them in the Escoural Caves of Alentejo dating back to 1700 BC.

Stallions wall murals for all

Another great reason to get stallions wall murals is because kids will absolutely love them. All the images are child-friendly and affable, making them a great companion to have in a bedroom, study area or play space. With beautiful colour combinations and majestic subject, stallions wall murals will really put a spring in the step of your young ones. You can go from a simple but impressive portrait like "Gray Arab Stallion" to a more dynamic stallions wall mural such as "Galloping Young Clydesdale Stallion". While one has the calm and serenity that will relax your kid, the other has that energy and excitement which can match your children's spirit. Perhaps these stallions wall murals will even inspire your kid to pursue something gearing towards horses. Horse-riding has also been studied and found to be very therapeutic for children, so having some stallions wall murals can do the same for your kids within a smaller context.
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