Photowall has put together a beautiful category of images featuring a very particular bird. Seagulls wall murals actually display what you could call a misconception. This is because Read morethere is actually no such thing as a seagull, technically speaking. They are gulls, but only one of about fifty gull species that live in habitats all over the world, oceanic and otherwise. These motifs show us these "seagulls" we know and adore in their best light. The seagull in particular is a type of sea bird which is the main feature in seagulls wall murals. There are over 20 species of seagulls that can be found all over the planet, even on the Arctic and Antarctica. Did you know that these very old creatures have existed on the planet for at least 30 million years? Seagulls are treated as pests in some parts of the world because they are noisy, release huge quantities of droppings and destroy private properties. However, let us show you the beauty and charm of these birds in the form of seagulls wall murals.

Things to share with seagulls wall murals

In Australia, the term "seagull" actually refers to the Silver Gull, which is also what most people picture in their heads when talking about these birds. It is also a byword for unconstrained greed, as their unhinging jaws allow them to eat objects bigger than their own heads! Just like the animals themselves, our seagulls wall murals are synonymous with the beach. There are a lot of adjectives to describe these birds, but one thing is for sure, they are very adaptable. Seagulls are even known to fake injuries to garner sympathy and more importantly, food. Their sound is the sound of summer, the discordant music of the transition from the car-park to the sea, as they bicker and scrap over chips thrown by beachgoers and passersby. Bring those summer vibes into your home, office or hangout spot with our great lineup of seagulls wall murals.

Some concrete examples

The body of most seagulls is covered with white plumage while wingtips are usually black or dark in colour. You can see this in seagulls wall murals like "Sea Flight", a wonderful motif showing these birds displaying their flying prowess. As already hinted at, seagulls are very intelligent birds who use bread crumbs to attract fish and produce rain-like sound with their feet to attract earthworms hidden under the ground. They also often steal food from other birds, animals and even people! Highlight the beauty and cunning of these fantastic birds with our seagulls wall murals assortment. You can display something like "Seagull and Violet Clouds" in the living room at your home and see how the space immediately improves and becomes brighter. Seagulls wall murals by Photowall such as these can also make for an incredible wall decor at the office, giving you a room to breathe and relax.

Seagulls wall murals as symbols

These birds play a variety of roles in the folklore of different tribes in the United States of America. In some cases, seagulls are portrayed as the antagonists due to their noisy, aggressive and greedy behavior. In others, they are noted for their endurance and perseverance. These are great traits to bring into your interiors with seagulls wall murals. Whether it is for a residential, recreational or corporate space, our seagulls wall murals can lend you visual style but also meaningful themes. Seagulls are even used as clan animals in some Native American cultures, like the Ahtna tribe and the Chippewa tribe. Used as a clan crest in some Northwest Coast tribes, the seagull can also sometimes be found carved on totem poles. Create your own sanctuary with seagulls wall murals and lend your room that character and edge you have always wanted. The artistry of pieces like "Seagull Stance" or "Fiskmåsen" can really lend you a helping hand in that regard.
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