Vincent Van Gogh

The greatest Dutch artist of all time was largely ignored in his lifetime and ill-appreciated by his contemporaries, but here we give him the deserved spotlight. Photowall has an exquRead moreisite selection of Vincent van Gogh canvas prints that can make a profound difference in your interior decoration. Van Gogh disrupted painting conventions, leaving a lasting legacy and over 850 artworks, some of which you can acquire in an easy and enjoyable fashion with Photowall. These Vincent van Gogh canvas prints will look fantastic in any room in the home, your place of work, or even just a recreational space. The genius of his compositions lies in their otherworldly dimensions, calling on the viewer's ability to see the hidden power behind the universe we know. Vincent van Gogh canvas prints are classics of the art world, with beautiful visual and rich details which will astound you every single time you view them.

Iconic Vincent van Gogh canvas prints

Even though we have his most famous works like "Starry Night" and his self-portrait here in Vincent van Gogh canvas prints, Photowall is also proud to have some of his lesser known but still incredible pieces for you to use. "Almond Blossom" is a concrete example of this, which shows how Vincent was a fan of Japanese art, especially of the woodblock print genre Ukiyo-e. The influence of Ukiyo-e can be seen in this famous work which was held in high esteem by the artist himself. "Cafe Terrace - Vincent van Gogh" is another Vincent van Gogh canvas print that flies under the radar. This was also the first painting in which the artist used starry background. Visitors can still stand today at the northeastern corner of the Place du Forum and view the scene depicted by Van Gogh.

Life of a master

Van Gogh was born in the Netherlands on the 30th of March in the year 1853. Although he enjoyed drawing from the time he was a young boy, Vincent had a number of other jobs before he decided to work as an artist full time which was around the age of 27. In this early part of his career, van Gogh used a lot of dark colours such as browns and dark greens which made his pictures often appear somber or sad. You can see this in Vincent van Gogh canvas prints like "Two Cut Sunflowers - Vincent Van Gogh". It is important to note that much of what we know about this artist comes from letters he wrote to his brother Theo, his closest sibling. Theo worked in an art gallery in Paris and supported Vincent's art career, sending him money and encouraging him. Theo even tried to sell Vincent's paintings, but no one wanted to buy them. Theo wrote to Vincent to tell him about a new style of painting in Paris called Impressionism and in 1886, Vincent moved to Paris to learn from these new painters. During this time, van Gogh began to use brighter colours as he painted subjects from the streets and cafes of Paris as well as the countryside. "Dance Hall - Vincent Van Gogh" is a Vincent van Gogh canvas print that perfectly captures this new direction he was going in.

More Vincent van Gogh canvas prints

When van Gogh began painting with intensity and emotion, the colours in his paintings became more vibrant and bright. He would sometimes apply the paint directly onto the canvas from the tubes leaving the paint thick with rough brush strokes. Sometimes it would take weeks for his paintings to dry because the paint was so thick. Vincent van Gogh canvas prints like "Wheatfield - Vincent Van Gogh", for example, illustrate this in a gorgeous fashion. Although he was not famous during his lifetime, as mentioned earlier, today he is considered one of the greatest and most influential artists of all time. Many of his paintings sell for millions of dollars and there are over 800 surviving oil paintings as well as over a thousand water colours and sketches of his work.
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