Contemporary Art

Are you struggling to find contemporary art that both speaks to you and will work within your current living space? Perhaps you want to start your own art collection but don't know thRead moree ins and outs of making a suitable purchase? Perhaps you get so wrapped up in the colours and lines, that when you take your painting home you discover that the scale is completely wrong. By taking a systematic approach to buying contemporary art paintings, you can eliminate the guesswork and heartache later.

How To Buy Contemporary Art

When people talk about buying artwork, there is a misconception that it is not for everyone. Paintings are associated with art galleries, people in cocktail wear sipping on champagne and staring at artwork with an intent that goes beyond mere mortals' understanding. This goes hand-in-hand with auction houses announcing their gigantic sales figures to the public, which the public then believes to be the average price of art. Contemporary art is produced by artists since 1970. It reflects contemporary culture and seeks to address issues that are relevant today. Most people are surprised at exactly how affordable contemporary art can be.

Educate Yourself

Like most things in life, it is better to have a solid grasp of what you are wanting to invest in. Know the different niches within the contemporary art category, know who the established artists are and know who the up-and-coming artists are.

Know Your Tastes

Develop your own taste and preferences by visiting art exhibitions and galleries. We are all attracted to certain colours, textures and themes. Look around your living space, you will see that there are certain trends that you adapt to. Do you gravitate towards photography and the life-like images it conveys? Do you prefer abstract works of art and its vibrant aesthetic appeal? Do you look for pieces with a social justice theme and do you want your art to say something about who you are? Do you want your art to reflect certain values or principles? Or are you attracted to Andy Warhol-like kitsch? Knowing your taste eliminates confusion and helps you to be focused in your search for the perfect piece of art. This is also important so that you can get an idea of current price brackets.

Choose Your Medium Carefully

Contemporary art falls into the broad categories of photography, mixed media art, oils and even sculptures, and canvas prints. Prints, photos and canvas prints are generally more affordable that original paintings. Canvas prints are a particularly useful medium. Have you found a painting that you love, or perhaps a contemporary photo? Consider having it printed on canvas. They typically last longer than photos and in some cases can even be of a better quality thanks to today's technology. A canvas print is also easier on the pocket in terms of scale. A large artwork that can cover an entire wall is more accessible than an acrylic oil of the same proportions would be.

Scale, scale and more scale

Don’t believe them when they say size doesn't matter. As far as contemporary art is concerned, size matters. A larger canvas print will always make more of an impact than a mid-sized one, and has the capacity to completely transform a room.

Not sure how to size

Consider the room size: Bigger is always better in order to fill the visual field and maximize the impact that it has on the room. If the ceilings are high, choose a vertically long print that will draw the eye upwards and fill up the space. If your ceilings are low, consider a shorter landscape print. Place the painting where there is less furniture so that visually your room seems fuller. Consider the wall: Is the wall a tall narrow one, or does it have more of a landscape orientation? Choose your artwork accordingly, sizing your print to measure between two-thirds to three-quarters of the wall. Consider Location: The painting's centre point needs to be at eye-level. A common mistake is to hang the piece too high.

Instincts Matter

You always thought it was a myth, this love at first sight business. Then it happened. You stumbled over your own heart and fell head over heels for an artwork. "But it's all wrong," your mind tells you as you go through the list. "Buy it," says your besotted heart. Go with your heart. Buy a piece that you love. Art is too personal to be limited to rules and regulations. It is as fluid as the blood in your veins and as real as the organ that pumps it. Always go with your heart.
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