John Bauer

Plunge your room into the world of fairy tales and trolls with one of these fantastic canvas prints by John Bauer, the famous Swedish illustrator. All the creatures depicted in these Read morepaintings are sure to prompt admiration; they are so well drawn. Each canvas print by Bauer gives off an impression of warmth and friendliness while maintaining an aura of phantasmagoria. Whatever the painting you choose, be there creatures from the world of fantasy, animals or human forms, it will be an invitation to dream, prompting innumerable interpretations and endless discussions.

Beautiful and timeless rooms with John Bauer wall mural designs

Some of the classic illustrations which feature landscape and mythology, the works of John Bauer are among the favorites and most loved when it comes to decorating any room. John Bauer is known for his illustrations of Swedish folklore and fairy tales. The wall murals feature Swedish nature, the dense forest and the creatures living there. They also show detailed depictions of plants, mosses. Lichens, and mushrooms found in the woods of Sweden. The gnomes and trolls are interesting and mysterious that will surely make the interior of your home vibrant and lively. Sometimes thinking about decor that would make the walls look great may be quite challenging. Gone are the days that homeowners and designers use paint to make the room look attractive. These days, the use of wall murals is gaining popularity due to being innovative and attractive. The designs also come in many different options. Photowall gives you the best wall murals that come in many different designs that you can use in your home or space to make them look great. With wall mural art that are rich in colors and vivid illustrations, you will be able to create a room focal point that will surely be loved by your family and friends.

About the artist

John Albert Bauer (1882 - 1918) was a Swedish painter and illustrator. His works are centered on landscapes and mythology. He is popularly known for his illustrations of early editions of Bland tomtar och troll or commonly called Among Gnomes and Trolls, which is an anthology of Swedish folklore and fairy tales. He was born and raised in Jonkoping. At the age of 16, he moved to Stockholm to study at the Royal Swedish Academy of Arts. As a student there, he received his first commissions to illustrate stories in books and magazines. There he met Ester Ellqvist, whom he married in 1906. During his travels in Lappland, Germany, and Italy, he was deeply exposed of the different cultures which greatly influenced his works. He painted and illustrated in a romantic nationalistic style, which was influenced by the Italian Renaissance and Sami cultures. Most of his masterpieces were watercolors or prints in monochrome or muted colors. He also used oil in painting as well as frescoes. With his illustrations and paintings, people were able to broaden their understanding and appreciation fo Swedish folklore, fairy tales and landscape. Together with his friends, Bauer were part of a generation of Swedish painters who started their careers just before the Modernism movement began to flourish. Bauer was inspired by artists such as Carl Larsson, Anders Zorn, and Bruno Lijefors, as well as Fritz Erler, Max Klinger and other German illustrators. His works were also influenced by the 14th century Renaissance. This is seen through the pictures of princes and princesses such as they had elements from Flandic tapestries. The garments of trolls were also pleated just like the draped clothing seen in antique Roman sculptures.
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