Art Deco

A very unique and stylish theme can make a huge difference whenever you are decorating your interiors. Not only will it make the space look wonderful, but it can also create a distincRead moret ambiance and vibe. Photowall has a superb selection of high-quality art deco canvas prints that tick those boxes. A cross between modern fashion and industrial design, this particular style of aesthetic influenced several aspects of American culture. Just so you know, it is actually short for arts décoratifs, which essentially means decorative arts. As with many artistic movements, art deco originated in France during the early 1910s but was introduced properly to the world at the 1925 International Exhibition of Modern and Industrial Decorative Arts. We will delve into that more during the discussion about art deco canvas prints. These motifs will help you in making your space beautiful but also individualistic and stylish. As per usual with Photowall, you can adjust your selected art deco canvas prints to match, or contrast with your existing interior design, colour schemes, and so on.

Basics in art deco canvas prints

Art deco is usually a pretty easy aesthetic to recognize, with the emphasis being on strong lines, geometric shapes, and bold materials which in turn creates a style that stands out especially when located next to other eras of art and architecture. The movement was quick to adopt new technologies, meaning materials were not always the most traditional and thus at time a bit controversial. Art deco was used as inspiration for architecture, art, and design around the world, some elements of which are also visible in art deco canvas prints. Even something simple like "Deco Patterning I" can evoke genuine feelings of surprise and stir up emotions, such is the power of these art deco canvas prints. If you are going for something more bold and typical, "Peacock Deco" could be the right item for you. This art deco canvas print will definitely upgrade the look of your chosen space, while also making it appeal larger and deeper.

Depth and meaning

Just like this style of art which grew out of a desire to get rid of the past and embrace the future in all its man-made, machine-driven glory, you can make a tremendous change with art deco canvas prints. Some say that it is a remnant of a Gatsbyish hedonism which descended on prosperous post-war America. There were new technologies which made cars, radios and refrigerators accessible to the average citizen and consumer tastes for ornamentation and luxuries skyrocketed. This heady sense of advancement is also reflected in art deco canvas prints. Take for instance the motif named "Art Deco Florals IX", which displays the lavish and wonderful aesthetic of those years.

Outline of art deco canvas prints

This artistic style which actually defined the decades between World War I and II has eluded a consistent definition in the years since the height of its popularity. Originally, art deco took on many forms between the first and second world wars. This was ranging from the exotic and ornate decorations of the 1920s to the avant-garde streamlined and sleek stylization of the 1930s and 40s, some of which you will see in our collection of art deco canvas prints. Perhaps best known for its use in architecture, particularly in skyscrapers such as the Empire State Building, it was also widely used in works of art such as murals, sculptures and graphic design, mainly to depict American culture in the early 20th century. "Empire State Building - Blue Print" is a concrete example of this, an art deco canvas print that would not look out of place in the board room at the office, but can also make for a great wall decor in your residence.
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