Old Fashioned

There is something about all things old-fashioned that brings a strong sense of nostalgia and memory to our consciousness. We remember things more vividly, and there is an almost tangRead moreible quality to images we see in our minds. A splash of color, an old print, dog-eared pages from a book, a dried flower sandwiched between the pages of a diary, all these evoke a sense of longing and a connection to things past. Photowall gives you a chance to savor this sentiment in its fine line of old fashioned canvas prints. These one-of-a-kind images from times past serve as a time capsule that would remind us of things remembered, things forgotten, and things best felt, not said. These nostalgic old fashioned canvas prints can lend sophistication and maturity to every nook and cranny of your home. More than that, it can give a shade of sentimentality to your every living space. A home is not just a place to celebrate things present, but also a sanctuary, a safe place to remember all things past. These old fashioned canvas prints bring the beauty and excitement of days gone by, back into the comfort of your home. Remember with these old fashioned canvas prints.

Reminisce with old fashioned canvas prints

A lot of unexpected elements can trigger a memory. What we see, what we hear, what we feel, and what we taste, all are connected to specific receptors in our brain that serve as a catalyst for us to re-align with the past. Photowall, in its desire to bring back the glory and bittersweet feel of yesterday, gives you “La Goulue”, “Menagerie-Melchior D’Hondecoeter”, and “Kogane” in its fine line of old fashioned canvas prints. The first print is a black and white caricature sketch of an old couple dancing, the second one depicts an outdoor menagerie filled with all sorts of exotic birds and animals, the third is a rendering of a Japanese maiden in full Kabuki garb. These old fashioned canvas prints are guaranteed to look magnificent in your living room or in your sleeping areas. Not only will they exude an air of elegance but they also provide color and excitement to your living space. Position these old fashioned canvas prints above the mantle of your fireplace or on the wall beside your dining table to make a fine centerpiece and subject of conversation while you dine or just simply relax.

Relive in old fashioned canvas prints

They say, children, like animals, are very sensitive. While they may not be able to eloquently convey their sentiments, they feel it very keenly nonetheless. A certain tone of voice, a change in posture, a shift of the eyes, and they can easily discern that something is amiss. The same goes for memory. They are sensitive to the nuance and tones of memory as a wolf can smell fear in the antelope. Teach your children early the value of remembering things with these remarkable old fashioned canvas prints. With examples such as “Dane Foyer at The Opera-Edgar Degas”, “Spring Dream 4”, and “Spring Dream 2”, in its fine collection of old fashioned canvas prints. The first one showcases Degas’ splendid masterpiece of ballet dancers stretching and preparing in the foyer. The second and third ones depict a yellow hummingbird perched on the branches of a shrub full of white blossoms. These unique old fashioned canvas prints trigger snapshots of experiences and encounters that we have either buried in our subconscious or locked away like a precious gem in the vault within our minds. Let these old fashioned canvas prints unlock the treasures of the past.

Never forget

It has been claimed that, of all animals, it is the elephant that has the longest memory. This perhaps gave birth to the saying, An elephant never forgets. But human beings are not known for forgetfulness either. Our capacity for remembering and connecting memory to a tangible occurrence has been a source of marvel for many psychiatrists throughout history. Photowall tips its hat to this wonderful trait of the human mind with “Woman with a Parasol in a Garden”, “Green Tropic Monstera”, and “Pine Street Pears” in its wide collection of old fashioned canvas prints. The first image shows a woman dressed in blue, walking about a lush and colorful garden with a parasol over her head. The second one is of a green tropic monstera leaf, and the third is that of a cluster of ripe pears. These images evoke certain flavors and colors and tastes, those that trigger sentiments of childhood, and the thousand the little ecstasies we felt as youngsters. Allow these amazing images to permeate every room in your home, and let them all tell the story of the person you once were, and the person you became. Hurry and grab your old fashioned canvas prints today.
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