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Animals of the Forest - Wallpaper - Nursery



Deer & Moose

Nature has a funny way sometimes in helping us in trivial things. Even something like interior design can be assisted by our fascination with the world out there. This is especiallyRead more true when it comes to animals. Photowall's deer & moose wallpaper collection is a glorious example of this. These regal creatures make for the ideal, elegant and lively motif to put up in your home or office, for maximum impact, whether it is meant for visual balance, interest or weight. All of the items in the deer & moose wallpaper can be selected for alteration and modification depending on your wishes, the taste of your decoration plan and your overall scheme.

Deer & moose wallpaper background

It may be surprising to discover that there are actually over 60 different sub-species of deer throughout the world. They live in practically all locations except for Antarctica, where it is just way too cold. In addition, deer don’t live in Australia and only one species of them lives in all of Africa. The fact that they can also live in very extreme environments is interesting to learn about as well. While this might seem somewhat frivolous and because most of the deer & moose wallpaper designs are more artistic and decorative, this information will come in handy when you have people over who inquire about the visually gripping and enthralling image you have in your home or office.

Family values in deer & moose wallpaper

To help keep things simple, even though there are five main categories of species of deer that have been identified, we chose to feature deer as a category itself, while also adding moose to the mix. Deer and moose live in herds and stay together most of the time so that they will know when there is a predator around. This can also be translated into using the deer & moose wallpaper as indoor adornment since it signifies togetherness, something that is especially welcome in a home. Although only the mother deer gives parental care and mostly one or two fawns are given birth in a season, seeing a family of deer can be something of the most fascinating scenes you witness in your life. Deer in Woods is a splendid sample of this notion, showing a doe and its fawn, in a child-friendly hue of subtle blues and greens. This will look great in any child's room, study area or play space.

The big one

Moose can easily weigh more than 1,500 pounds and grow to be more than 8 feet tall! The antlers of these animals are truly amazing, being able to span from four to six feet in distance? Unlike most deer, moose are solitary animals that don’t live in herds. These animals are very aggressive when it comes to protecting their territory. A moose lives up to 20 years and longevity mostly depends on the predator density and the denseness of trees in forests. Bring these unique and solitary characteristics into your space with our amazing deer & moose wallpaper assemblage that feature the moose, which is interestingly called elk in British English, but that's a discussion for another day. Take a gander at Oatmeal Spice Deer, featuring not only the big one, the moose, but also various types of deer, both male and female. This hip and fresh motif boasts a truly rare, high-quality work of art that just pops with colour and vibrancy. This is the optimal deer & moose wallpaper to spruce up and revamp your home, office or any other recreational space you have to chosen to design.
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