Lions & Big Cats

Felines are still some of the most magnificent critters in the wild world. Lions, tigers, cheetahs, lynx and leopards are some of the most beautiful creatures to walk our lovely planeRead moret. Translate this beauty into your chosen space by getting a lions & big cats wallpaper that portrays these royal creatures, lending your room a regal air while also conjuring class. Their size, strength, and predatory skills set these cats apart because they can thrive in any environment if left alone. Display a lions & big cats wallpaper to state that surviving spirit and imbue a sense of pride to your home, office or any recreational space.

Lions & big cats wallpaper as children's joy

Our assortment of cat-related lions & big cats wallpaper is one of the most child-friendly tiers in the animals categories. The kids will delight in these exciting and adorable designs, perfect for a child's bedroom or playroom, with their warm colours and hues that will surely obtain a smile from the little boys and girls. With this lions & big cats wallpaper section, the diversity it brings can also be applied to children who are older, nearing adolescence. The fascination with these amazing big cats never ends, as they symbolize so many emotions and their mystery hardly ever fades.


The leopard is excellent at stalking its prey, moving silently and inconspicuously and moving in and out of places unseen. This is why it also often associated with the term spirit animal, conveying the cunning and observational skills one must possess in life. Leopards in lions & big cats wallpaper range from the simplicity of the piece named Leopard, with a white background and two magnificent leopards in the forefront, to the more child-friendly motif also called Leopard, which is rendered artistically in vibrant colours, perfect for any kid's room, study or play area.

Using tigers in lions & big cats wallpaper

This particular large cat is a symbol of strength and power in the East, being feared and respected in equal measure, they have been used as symbols of dominance in Asian art and literature. Many martial arts moves are based on the big cat’s stealthy and muscular motions. On the other side, tigers were loathed then loved in the West, where writers were obsessed by the animal’s strength and savagery. Lions & big cats wallpaper highlighting these felines, like Resting Tigress - Denim and Beet, are a beautiful adornment wherever you put it. Another quirky but sensational artsy choice is Tiger in a Tropical Storm, Henri Rousseau, a startling image that draws the eye and stimulates the senses. You can almost smell the dew in the jungle.

Faster than lighting

Cheetahs are most commonly referred to as the fastest mammal in Mother Nature, equally quick and lethal. This subject of lions & big cat wallpaper embodies self–esteem, speed and laser-like focus. Unlike other typical big cats, they don't jump on their prey, they run after it. Cheetah Reveries - Cognac and Steel is a tremendous example of this, as it depicts the animal in a noble but imposing manner, which will create conversation whether you place it in your residence or working area.
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