Geometric patterns can be found in nearly every aspect of interior design, whether they are circles, squares, triangles, rectangles or any other shapes. Interior designers often use gRead moreeometric designs to create a bold statement or an eye-catching focal point in designing a room. As you will see in Photowall's top-notch lineup of geometric wall murals, these shapes can be used to develop a sense of movement in the space, to direct the eye towards a subject, or to create texture or depth within the room. One thing is for certain, geometric wall murals can have quite an impact. A well-placed, rich in detail and gorgeously coloured geometric wall mural transforms an otherwise monochromatic space into something fascinating and memorable. All these motifs can be adjusted in accordance with your overall design plans, various colour schemes and general aesthetic.

The vibrancy of geometric wall murals

Aside from geometric shapes being a big part of our daily lives, subconsciously or not, they also work in close relation with colours on some levels. Different shades and hues can impact us mentally and even physically, evoking emotions or upping our hormone levels. With Photowall's sublime picks of geometric wall murals, you can combine both these traits to establish a great mood in the room you are looking to decorate. For an intimate or comfy look in the home, try something like "Geometric White". The soft hues of this piece even suit the bathroom, for a change. If you want to revamp your workspace, a geometric wall mural like "Lost Diamonds - Light Green" can reinvigorate your enthusiasm and drive. If you are seeking something even more energizing, check out "Lost Diamonds - Copper". This particular geometric wall mural can transform both residential and corporate interiors into something with more passion and warmth.

Building blocks

Rectangles and square are proof that straight edge shapes create more strong emotions such as power, linearity and reliability. Since squares and rectangles generate a sense of stability and balance, these geometric wall murals are good choices for office spaces. Imagine something like "Miami Deco 5", a very striking piece that has loads of squares and rectangles, but rendered in almost an architectural drawing. Not only does it look cool and trendy, but it still enforces the previously discussed characteristics of strength and solidity. This can make for a great post-modern decor but is also very flexible in the sense that it could work with some retro pieces. Geometric wall murals like this are a versatile element in Photowall's superb selection of motifs coming from the surfaces & textures tier.

Geometric wall murals and their usage

In addition to adding pizzazz to your room, geometric wall murals can create a specific mood. Have you ever noticed how you feel when you see particular shape? Different shapes, depending on the setting they are in, can dictate some kind of emotion or at least, a reaction. One must be careful however, when taking advantage of this phenomenon when using geometric wall murals. Too many shapes or too much of one shape can give off a high energy vibe and a sort of frenetic edginess, but could also trigger vague feelings of annoyance. The impact of geometric wall murals is subtle, even unconscious sometimes, but it is definitely there. Psychologists have long recognized that geometric shapes have, or will seek, a place in our mental and emotional landscapes. This is why they use them a lot in personality tests, another interesting trivia to consider when selecting your geometric wall murals. To make it simple, the shapes you put in your home décor, in the form of geometric wall murals, should create moods that you want and desire.
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