The lemon is a species of the Evergreen tree, of the family Rutaceae. It is indigenous to Southeast Asia and its juice and peel are used for many cooking and medicinal purposes all ovRead moreer the world. There is nothing more refreshing than a tall glass of iced lemonade on a hot day. It brings back memories of Indian summers and raising money in the neighborhood by selling glasses of cold lemonade. Photowall pays its respects to this amazing fruit with its own collection of lemon wall murals. These wonderful lemon wall murals can add zest and vigor to any room you choose to display them in. Hang these lemon wall murals in your living room and witness as their vibrant color lights up the whole space. Position these lemon wall murals in your kitchen to inspire you to whip up delicacies of such succulence and flavor as to delight the whole family. These lemon wall murals come in a wide variety of designs and colors for the keen urban sophisticate to choose from. Display these lemon wall murals in the sleeping areas and play nooks of your kids and have a contest as to which one of you can sing the most songs about lemons. These lemon wall murals are guaranteed to bring life to your home.

Piquant in lemon wall murals

Lemons made their way to Europe through the port of Italy at around 200 A.D. They were used by the Muslim population mostly to decorate and perfume their gardens. The great explorer Christopher Columbus brought them to the Americas in 1493, where they helped in the treatment of scurvy among sailors. This was because of its high content of Vitamin C. Photowall lets you enjoy its zing with “Sliced Lemons”, “Lemon, Edouard Manet”, and “Lemon” in its impressive collection of lemon wall murals. These comforting examples of lemon wall murals showcase the lively color and vibrance of this great fruit. The presence of these lemon wall murals in your home is bound to refresh the mind and the spirit. Let these lemon wall murals become the centerpiece of your living room and enjoy being called the trendiest one in the home. These lemon wall murals would not look out of place in your lounging areas either. Have your own tribute to this great fruit by making yourself a glass of ice-cold lemonade, while sitting in your lounge chair, surrounded by these wonderful lemon wall murals. Your cares are guaranteed to simply fall away with the help of these lemon wall murals. These lemon wall murals are a great way to help you unwind.

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The amazing lemon finds its way into many of our most popular dishes and drinks. From baked goods to preserves to soft drinks and marinades, there is an almost inexhaustible use for this splendid yellow fruit. It can also serve as a temporary preservative for fruits to prevent them from oxidizing and turning brown. Photowall squeezes in more viewing pleasure with “Freshly Sliced Lemon-Jesus Sierra”, “Lemons”, and “Lemon Tree Composition” in its diverse collection of lemon wall murals. These refreshing examples of lemon wall murals can liven you up as surely as the fruit itself in moments of dour mood. Invite your friends over for a pitcher of lemonade and cookies and watch as they gaze in admiration at these amazing lemon wall murals. Put on some music and create the perfect ambiance for an afternoon of fun and lively banter with these lemon wall murals. Introduce your kids to the benefits of the fruit by surrounding them with these lemon wall murals while telling them of the benefits that Vitamin C and all the other nutrients it has to offer. While you’re at it, pour them a cold glass of lemonade to really bring the lesson home.

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Lemon meringue pie is perhaps one of the most coveted and loved desserts in the confectionery world. It is both sweet and tangy to the taste and refreshes you while catering to your sweet tooth. Add a little juice of a lemon to some honey, olive oil, and mustard, and you have the perfect lemon mustard dressing for salads. Tweak the recipe a smidge and you have the ideal glaze for chicken wings with honey lemon glaze. Nothing tastes better with a hot cup of tea at breakfast than lemon marmalade on toast. Photowall lets you savor the beauty with “Dark Lemon”, and “Dark Lemon II” in its splendid collection of lemon wall murals. Very much like the fruit, these lemon wall murals add a quirky zest to whichever spaces they are displayed on. These lemon wall murals are manufactured from materials that are safe to exist inside your home, and safe to be around your children as well. These lemon wall murals coordinate well with any color wall or wallpaper that you decide to backdrop them with. Having these lemon wall murals in your home is a surefire way to erase dullness and dreariness. So grab your own collection of these colorful lemon wall murals today.
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