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You can now make one of the most famous cities in the world the central theme in your interior decoration. Photowall has a wonderfully composed and varied collection of Amsterdam poRead moresters. This remarkable metropolis is place that has its own character, charm and allure. Just like the city itself, Amsterdam posters has pretty canals, narrow houses, cute bridges, plenty of bicycles, and so much more. It is one of the cities that can be considered as the gateway to Europe, especially for the younger folk. Amsterdam is currently home to lots of different nationalities, over 180 to be exact, which is incredible for such a “small” city. Our assortment of Amsterdam posters will also reflect that, as these motifs' appeal is not just limited to visual appetite, but also as a source for discussion, inspiration and bonding. As per usual, you have the option of editing these Amsterdam posters so that they can match or contrast with your colour schemes, decorative components, aesthetics and the overall design.

Remnants of the past in Amsterdam posters

There is this old legend that two fishermen founded the city of Amsterdam, but more officially, it goes back to the 13th century, where a dam was built in the river Amstel, hence the name. The city developed quite rapidly and after the conquest of Antwerp by the Spanish in 1685, Amsterdam became the biggest and one of the richest cities of the world. Many people were also drawn to Amsterdam for its relative religious tolerance, which led to Jews from Spain and Portugal, Huguenots from France and many economic and religious refugees finding their safety in the confines of the city. The many influences of these different cultures and the spirit of harmony can be seen and even felt in Amsterdam posters. The 17th century is considered to be the Golden Age of Amsterdam since its merchants had the largest share in both the Dutch East India Company and the Dutch West India Company which made them super wealthy for nearly 200 years through the establishing of trading links all over the world. The reflection of this prosperity can be seen in the construction of monumental and architectural masterpieces, some of which can still be seen in Amsterdam posters such as Amsterdam The Netherlands Skyline.

A defining aspect

The population of Amsterdam is around 825,000 and with an estimated 881,000 bikes in Amsterdam, it is absolutely correct to say there are more bikes in the city than residents! About 70% of citizens are believed to use their bike daily, meaning that if you do not own a bike, you are practically a weirdo. You can see this in the pieces entitled Bicycle by the Canal in Amsterdam, a simple but powerful image that shows an everyday scene in Amsterdam, rendered in classic black and white. This Netherlands poster can make any room pop and add that crucial character in order for the ambiance to be elevated into something more sophisticated. This trademark of Amsterdam is also imposed upon the tourists, who are always reminded to double or triple check as Amsterdammers pedal through the city via bicycles at great speed. This peculiar but healthy obsession can also be seen in Amsterdam posters like the simply titled Amsterdam, a beautiful work of art in an almost sketch form.

The waterways of Amsterdam posters

Even though Venice is definitely the most well-known canalled city in the world, Amsterdam boasts over 165 canals, about 15 more than Venice. Romantic Bridge Over Canal in Amsterdam features one of these canals in stunning fashion, giving it that nostalgic vibe with the sepia hues and tones. There are a multitude of Amsterdam posters that shines the spotlight on these canals, like Romantic Bridge Over Canal in Amsterdam, which can be the ideal decoration tool in a living room or even bedroom. Amsterdam’s Bridges are another staple of the city, as there are between 1200-1700 bridges in Amsterdam, while in Venice there are only 409. Check out the Amsterdam poster named Skinny Bridge and Amstel Canal, a piece that can light up any hallway or even the boardroom in the office.
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