If you are a fan of the unique, Belgium posters by Photowall is the way to go when it comes to decorating your residential, corporate or recreational space. This very multicultural Read moreyet authentic country has three official languages and none of them is called Belgian. People over there speak Dutch, French and German in different parts of the land. This diversity is also reflected in Belgium posters, where you can see the all the different types of influences in the architecture and the various colours and hues. With many beautifully historic cities, like Bruges, Ghent, Antwerp or Leuven, Belgium offers a tremendous variety of beautiful sights, some of which you can view and acquire from Belgium posters.

Embellishing your space with Belgium posters

Belgians say that they are born with a brick in their stomach, which means that every Belgian tries to buy or build a house as soon as they can. You can bring this spirit into your home as well with Belgium posters. As already mentioned, the multicultural nature of modern Belgium stems also from the differences in cultures in this nation, where there even is a formal border within the country that divides the country into different languages. In the north is the Dutch speaking area and in the South is French speaking. There is also a smaller area in the east that speaks German. This diversity makes Belgium posters a viable decorative tool for your interiors. Despite its relatively small size, Belgium has plenty of picturesque spots and diverse attractions. Ghent, Antwerp, Liège, Brussels, the forested Ardennes, the soothing seaside, and magnificent Bruges, they are all within two hours or less of each other, which means more time to soak up different locales and environments. Some of these cities are also featured in Belgium posters. Bridge in Bruges, for example, is a fabulous motif to put up in your home, office or any other space that needs visual interest.

Brief history

The country of Belgium gets its name from the original settlers of the area who were a Celtic tribe called the Belgae. Belgium's location made it the center of many European industries including textiles, commerce and art. Belgium became independent from the Netherlands in 1830 and was occupied by Germany during World Wars I and II, hence the Dutch and German influence which can also be seen in some Belgium posters. The country prospered particularly in the past half century as a modern, technologically-advanced European state and a member of NATO and the EU. The capital city, Brussels, has also been a major player in world politics and home to many international organizations. This beautiful metropolis is also represented in Belgium posters. Brussels Belgium Skyline comes in a variety of tones and shades, each equally beautiful and guaranteed to make maximum visual impact. You can already imagine it in your hallway, whether that may be in the office or at home.

More Belgium posters for you

Belgium has the world’s greatest number of castles per square meter. Some regions even have two castles per village, which is amazing and fun to know. Castle Fortress is a Belgium poster that demonstrates that, with a stunning image of a castle reflected in its surrounding pond. The rich detail and incredible built of this structure can make any room pop with charm and character. Another very interesting thing about Belgium is the city of Antwerp. This metropolis is home to more than three a quarter of the diamonds in the world! There are so very many skilled artisans in Antwerp who are good at diamond cutting. Antwerp Skyline at Dusk is another marvelous Belgium poster that can act as the perfect focal point in your chosen space.
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