If you are looking for an amazing country to be a theme in your interior decorations, you cannot go wrong with the mysteriously beautiful Iceland. It originated from a volcanic erupRead moretion and yet it is a cold country near the Arctic circle. The people over there are friendly and encourage tourists to visit and enjoy their lakes, glaciers and a chance to see the amazing Northern Lights, some of which you will see in Photowall's array of Iceland posters. Aside from it being an easy connection between Europe and North America, Iceland is a very popular destination because the landscape is natural and surreal at the same time. Iceland posters boast plenty of those incredible sights, and you can now have it for yourself in your home, office or recreational space.

The beauty of Iceland posters

As already hinted at, Iceland’s landscape can be found nowhere else. It is a mixture of hot springs, icy glaciers, wet deserts, lava fields and a dizzying amount of waterfalls. No matter how you are you inclined, you will find a natural scene in Iceland posters that satisfies your visual and aesthetic needs. Iceland is a very clean and environmentally friendly country, which is admirable in itself especially in these modern times. The people of this nation have a strong bond with nature and they value their natural resources very highly. Water, for example, is so pure that it is a natural spring water used all over the country. Iceland posters such as In the Depth of Hraunfossar show us this amazing element, with rich detail and vibrant colours. Then there is Seljalandsfoss Waterfall in Iceland, another Iceland poster that presents this particular and essential feature of this island in a magnificent setting.

Quick history lesson

Iceland is the world’s second largest island and it has thirty minor islands as part of the country. There are some large lakes on the island and fjords along the coast where most of the people live. The highlands of Iceland are too cold for people to live there. As you can see in the Iceland poster named Iceland Route 1, it gets very chilly and thus people have adjusted to the harsh conditions. This country's history goes back to the Vikings and some settlements from the Norse and Celtic people, where it started out as a shelter for all sorts of runaways and renegades. When Iceland was taken over by the King of Norway, they joined into one kingdom with Norway, Denmark and Sweden. Then this union was split and Iceland became part of Denmark. In 1845 Iceland’s Independent Movement tried to get home rule for the country and in 1944 they gained their independence, while Denmark was involved with German invasions. Today Iceland is a very peaceful country and ranks highest on the life quality and lowest in crime rate. Iceland posters do not only have natural beauty, but also set a good example for other nations.

The charmer in Iceland posters

The Icelandic horse is just how Iceland likes to perceive itself, little but strong. They are squat and muscular and in the winter they have a long shaggy fur, as you can see in the Iceland poster entitled Icelandic Horse, which is quite dramatic but also absolutely gorgeous. You can make this into the ideal focal point in your place of residence, work or recreation. For an ever more alluring and mysterious piece, select an Iceland poster such as Flock of Icelandic Horses. This shows off a whole band or herd of Icelandic horses, crossing a river in a primal and wild fashion, making for an eye-catching and captivating scene.
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